Finn's First Halloween


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. (Not that anyone could tell with the absence of my decorations this year.) We had a few Halloween events and then we actually spent Halloween day at Disneyland in CA. However, I will just say this...we give out full size candy bars. So, that tells you right there that we love Halloween, or maybe we just love candy and any excuse to get more.

Here's Finn in his 1st costume, Disney's Tigger. We figured Finn would love to be Tigger because he's loved to bounce ever since before he got his bouncer. So this costume was a perfect match! (No he didn't eat the taffy.)



Trunk-or-Treat at The Church was a ton of fun too. Games, contests, costumes and treats of course. Finn wore his Tigger costume and we dressed up as Tigger's parents. We didn't really have anything else besides orange and black clothes but works.

Here's Finn scoping out and trying to take Kellyn's pompoms. Kellyn is the cutest BYU Cheerleader ever!



Some fun pics from the Ward Halloween Trunk-or-Treat. The people in our ward are so creative. They just think of the cutest costume themes for their family and then make them. Yep...MAKE them. LOL way too much time on their hands. (Click here for high res pics of the pics we took at the party. Sorry if I didn't get your pic, I know I can be kind of obsessed with pics so I try not to seem too pushy.)


We had our annual Halloween Chilli Dinner with Grandma & Grandpa W. Here's all of Finn's cousins. Finn can't stay still for 2 seconds so it's usually pretty hard to get a pic of him in a group setting. He's going places and he's going fast! They are all so cute. I loved that we had 2 vampires (Draculas), I think their moms are really excited for New Moon to come out on Nov. 20th. LOL Click here for more family Halloween Pics.


Disneyland!!! We went 2 days. 1st day Finn wore regular clothes. Then for Halloween Finn wore his Disney's Tigger costume the whole day at the park. Disney really goes all out with Halloween decor. They even had a Halloween trick-or-treating night where they set up stations and boths all over their California Adventure Park for kids to attend after they close the park to regular visitors. We'll take Finn there when he's older, because I think that would be the best place to trick-or-treat.


So, we love Churros and they are seriously the best part of any theme park experience. Although we know they are only $1 at Pollo Loco, Clark still couldn't resist getting us one, both days we were at the park. He's always so good to get us fun treats. He's spoils me. Churros are my fave! Here's a sweet recipe I'm going to have to try someday.


Finn in the restaurant's high chair. he especially loved the paper and crayons. LOL.


Clark carried Finn on his shoulders most of the day. Yep, Clark is super strong like that. Finn loved it! We could always hear everyone commenting on how cute Finn was. Some lady even gave us a pin for Finn saying, "he was the cutest Halloween Costume for the day winner." Awesome! Finn was so awesome to leave on his costume the whole day and didn't seem to have a problem wearing the hooded part either. He's such a cutie! Look at the little Tigger tail. You just want to squeeze him.



We had to go on the Pooh ride. Seemed like Finn liked it. He was getting a bit sleepy though. Then we saw Pooh outside and Finn wanted to touch the fuzzy Pooh Bear. LOL He loves fuzzy things.


Overall we loved Disneyland and I think I heard Clark say that we may have to come again soon when Finn gets a little older. :) Yippy!

I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for:

  • Planes, so we can get to CA in 5 hours instead of 12hrs, which also saves our car the mileage.

  • Hooter-hiders, need I provide an explanation here.

  • The special moments Clark & I get when Finn is sleeping. (Thanks for watching the Disney Fireworks with me Clark. Soooo romantic!)

  • Free flying for kids under 2 years of age.

  • For random people who make waiting in the airport easier and more fun.

  • Picture texts. So that we can send cute pics of Finn to everyone even if we're far away.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.