Blessing our little Angel


Today we blessed Finn. It was such an amazing experience. It's humbling to know that Heavenly Father trusts us enough to take care of such a choice spirit and teach him what he needs to know so he can return to live with him someday. I sure hope we can do a good job. He has changed our lives forever. I don't even trust myself with glass when washing dishes. LOL Probably not the best comparison, but you know what I mean. He was definitely worth the 7 year wait, just as we knew he would be. He's such a little angel. He is soooo going to end up being a spoiled kid, you all have been warned and we don't care if you talk about us behind our backs about it either. ;-)

We of course took a gazillion pics of family with Finn and some of just Finn too. I'm only posting up the good ones otherwise it could get crazy long.


He looks so handsome and dapper in his little suit. My most favorite part is his tie. I mean how cute is that? Too bad he won't fit into it for much longer. It was a tight suit, but it was the only one left.



To order pics of Finn's Blessing go here.

BTW: He is officially listed on The Church records now. Yippy! Now when anyone signs into the ward site we'll have Finn showing up right under us, just like everyone else and their kids. LOL How awesome!!! OK well, that's just a fun perk.

Oh and here's a bonus pic. This was what he was wearing under his little suit. Thanks to our friend for making it for us!


Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. I LOVE that he will be spoiled. spoiled with love, so you can't go wrong. blessing pictures are so cute. Finn seems too little to be siling THAT cute!

  2. ADORABLE ... he is so incredibly cute! Look at that outfit! and yeah i hear the spoiling thing. i am so the same way and I dont care what anyone says about it! You go girl!

  3. so cute!!! I am so glad you were able bless Finn. I love his outfit. I'm sorry I was so sick the last time I was out in UT- I didn't want to get Finn sick!

  4. ah! i am just sitting here getting teary eyed at your beautiful little creation! i love the fam pics of you with finnypoops on his belssing day. sooo sweet. (and btw linda, you look hot! seriously. cute outfit and hair!)