Finn's Frisky Fotos


I know it must seem like I have a ton of time cause I keep updating the site. For realz I don't, but I feel like because we don't leave the house I have to update everyone on how we are doing. Maybe we'll get out soon. And when I say "we'll," I mean me. And when I say "me," I mean Clark. LOL. He gets out for all of us. You can see Clark at church playing basketball or getting the scoop for us on Sundays. What an awesome Dad!

So, we've decided that Finn hates being the only one naked. LOL Our talented and very patient friend Emmie (Photography by Emmie) did a special photo shoot for us of our little Finn when he was just 8 days old. We just got the picture CD. The pictures came out sooooo cute and amazing. THANK YOU EMMIE! She did an awesome job telling us how to pose and she knew just when to take the pictures. We love them all! Poor Finn didn't like it too much and I wouldn't blame him. Everyone had clothes on except him. Poor little guy.

He looks like a little wrinkled bean in this first picture. So small, but I still can't believe he fit inside my belly.










Note to Family: Click on the pictures above if you want to order prints. You can get up to size 8x10 if you really wanted to.

Linda Winegar

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  1. Love the pictures! You will cherish these forever! Emmie did a great job.

  2. Linda, the pictures are unbelievable! I love the picture with your rings.

  3. What great pictures! So sweet of your little family and new baby. I wish that we had had the money (and time) to take some pictures like that when Keegan was small. Emmie did a great job. Hope all is well with you guys! Can't wait to see your little guy in person!

  4. he is so freakin cute!! i love him!!!

  5. So beautiful! You will love these forever! I hope to meet Finn ones of these days soon

  6. Love the pictures Linda! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Where's mine? When do I get one? and how soon till Finn gets his first outing to Auntie Cory's House? Call me! xoxo Cory

  7. oh my goodness!! i love the pictures! we just got ours done, and Brynlee pooped on nick 3 times and peed on me 4 times..! haha.. she was nakee the whole time and i can NOT wait to see them! i like the way yours turned out! i hope mine are cute like that too!!

  8. Look at your cute little family! Congratulations! We'll have to get together in a couple months with our babies!

  9. Awww! How wonderful! I love the one with the toes and rings. He's so tiny!