A Whole 9 Yards & more


Finn is 9 months old now and seems like time has flown by.

He's got 4 teeth with 3 more making their way through. What?! At this rate he will have all 20 baby teeth before his 1st birthday. (it's supposed to take those teeth on average of 3 years to all come in.) Leave it to Finn to be way ahead of the game! Way to be efficient and productive. Don't just let 1 come in and experience pain 20 different times, just get the pain over and done with all at once.

We just love Finn, each new day brings fun new expressions, amazing sounds, gurgles of conversations, snuggling and so much more. We're so blessed to be his parents.

What's he doing:

  • [correction - sorry working on a post for a whole month then backposting it is a bit confusing, good thing we have dates on pics.] He's been crawling for a whole month now and gets everywhere and into everything. We've set up barriers everywhere we go. Good thing we actually have a couch now instead of love sacs like we used to have in Eagle Mountain. But we do miss those sometimes.

  • Been saying Dada still and said Mama 1 time but it's cause he really wanted me that time. LOL

  • Doesn't like mush (baby food) anymore. Wants the grown up kinds. i.e. graduates.

  • Still likes oatmeal and rice though.

  • Size 5 diapers! What?!

  • Got a runny and stuffy nose while top teeth came in. :(

  • Can play by himself for a while.

  • Loves the Baby Einstein Videos, totally can watch them the whole time without moving. Must be cause we don't watch TV.

  • =]     < Finn just typed this smiley face...not kidding. Knows how to use the computer. LOL

  • Been to 2 different States (CO & CA)

  • Still loves his nightly baths.

  • Puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.

  • Wants to eat paper.

  • Thinks the entertainment center is for, "his" entertainment.

  • Weighs: 21.34 lbs 64% (slightly less than our scale at home.)

  • 29" Tall in 76%

  • Head Circumference is 18.25" in the 80%

  • Still loves shoulder rides from Dad.

  • Likes to wave toys in front of Plato and tease him.

  • Needs a hair or 2 cut, mainly around his ears. But I love the spikes!

  • Has a cute "power stance," as Clark likes to call it.

  • Loves to jump and "fly!" I'll upload a video of this soon.

  • He's been walking around the furniture too and now he can crawl from one spot to the next and stand up and entertain himself. It's so cute!



I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for:

  1. Allowing teachers and speakers I hear on Sundays, to ignite a desire to change, for the better.

  2. Invention of disposable diapers, cause it would totally be gross to have to wash them.

  3. The outdoors to entertain Finn while I try and feed him, so he won't get so messy.

  4. Different times and seasons, not only for the weather but for people. People are different at different times and different seasons, and I never noticed as much. Now I notice this change because I'm different too.

  5. My sweet Mother who gets to work so close. She stops by at least 2 times a week and can entertain Finn while I Visit Teach or take a shower. LOL

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Linda Winegar

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