Finn's First Flu


The saddest thing you'll ever hear is a baby with Croup. Poor Finn got it on the way back from Disneyland. Stupid Southwest for canceling our flight and for us having to wait in the nasty airport for 3 additional hours. :(


Anyways...he was really bad for 4 nights then was doing better and has now finally completely gotten over it. Seriously considered taking him to the Hospital in CA the night before we came back but didn't want to wait in a sick hospital for 5 hours and make him worse. So, I just nursed him to sleep. It's better in the day, but at night it's super bad. Anyways...our poor little son was so strong and such a happy little guy despite his cold.

So, the only thing Clark likes about anyone being sick in our home is the fact that we don't give out any treats and we can't share treats with anyone when we're sick. Needless to say I don't like it because I like to share and I'd rather not eat the whole stash. But Clark's always looking for the positive in everything. He's such an optimist!

This is a pic of Finn with some treats I made a while back when Clark was sick. Yep...Clark loved getting to eat all of them! But looks like Finn would have wanted to try some.


This is a pic of treats I made when Finn had Croup. Clark loved these too! LOL Can't wait to share these when I make more. I eat way too much chocolate. LOL


BTW I guess the last time he had flu symptoms was only when he was teething his top teeth.

I am Thankful to my Heavenly Father for:

  • Food and being able to live so close to the grocery store.

  • Board books because Finn can't tear those out of the books so easily.

  • Sunny Sundays! I just love that the majority of Sundays are sunny.

  • Washers and Dryers, laundry is such a process it already takes me all day. How people did without them is really a mystery to me. There's no way I'd even buy clothes if I knew I had to wash them by hand. Probably own just 2 shirts and 2 pants and 2 dresses and wear them a lot before washing them.

  • Closed trash cans. Oh man...I would hate to have lidless ones because the stench of dirty diapers would fill the house. Yuck!

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.

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  1. I'm so sorry that Finn was sick. It's so awful when babies don't feel well. Those treats look amazing. Now I want to go bake some goodies!