Baby Name Ideas?


What about Linark or Clanda? LOL Just kidding!

So, to all my family that keeps asking me what our son's name is, I just want to say that picking a name for our son is the hardest thing ever. I have this thing about names being the same with anybody else's we know or could know. As most of you know we've been trying for several years now, we had our son's name picked out for probably 2 years now. Then one of our friends had a baby and named him that name. Clark and I swore to never tell anyone so no one would STEAL it and we never did tell anyone but they took it without knowing and now we have to start from scratch. (Nope, won't tell what name it was because we actually don't like it anymore and don't want to offend anyone.)

Here's what each name goes through:

  1. Can't be anyone's name in our neighborhood, ward, we work with or ever met who might live close by us.

  2. Can't be a name in our family's or even extended family who may still be alive. To prevent confusion of course.

  3. Can't be a name that someone might like for a future son or daughter of theirs.

  4. Can't be a unisex name or a name that would or could maybe be used by girls and boys.

  5. Can't be a shorter version of someone's name or be shortened and then get confused with someone's name who already exists.

  6. Can't rhyme with Winegar.

  7. Not super weird to say or spell, like adding an extra letter where you don't need it.

  8. Can make cool initials if possible. For example: W.O.W. but not E.E.W.

  9. Can't be a hybrid name, for example: Renesmee.

  10. Has to sound okay in English, Spanish, Portuguese and maybe French.

  11. Can not be a bad word or vulgar word in another language.

  12. Can be someone we knew while growing up as long as it meets 1-7.

  13. Can be original maybe an old name which hasn't been used much.

LOL. So as you can see we have a lot of requirements to meet. Obviously we don't know everyone and can't prevent duplicate names in schools and things but we just want to shy away from names of people we know. If one for sure screams out to us and is like "my name is ____" then we'd do it without even going by our 1-13 rules but nothing like that has happened yet. So, we get to take our time. I am sure we'll have a few names at the hospital to pick from and when we see his face for the first time it'll come to us. We may not tell until he's born, unless we know for certain 100%, so you'll have to wait and see. Of course if we know 200% then for sure we'll tell.

So, what names do you guys like for your own kids? So, we can make sure to avoid it because we would hate for people to hate us if we stole their names. Plus if you tell us, we won't use it.

Here's some baby name picking & ranking sites: BabyNameWizard & Social Security Admin

Note to Clark: Do not post names we have thought of here.

Linda Winegar

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  1. ok so no one has made any suggestions but maybe becasue your criteria is CRAZY! I understand though. I dont remember all the rules so i am just going to put down some names to get your mind moving: (Will)iam, Spencer, Jonathan, Seth, Samuel, Brayden, Brandon, Dylan, Darren, Colin, Carter, Reed, Bradley, Benjamin, .... to name a few, but i just opened the SS site and now i am overwhelmed by the boy names so basically i dont think i helped. But what do i get if i win?

  2. wow is right! I like that you have such requirements, that means you are really going to like the name you pick. BUT dangit!!! That means you can't use 'Hinegar' now (#6)...not to mention all the other names that rhyme with Winegar.

    anyway, I vote for Seth...not because I want to name my child that, but because I think you two would make a cute boy named seth. oh! I also like Samuel! good names. I LOVE the name game.

  3. We vote for:
    Wesley Owen Winegar (W.O.W)
    Walker Texas Ranger
    Burt Reynolds
    Conrad Birdie
    Bret Michaels Winegar (BMW)