Like Father, Like Son


"Like father like son." Well, now I know how that phrase was coined. I guess physical traits aren't the only things fathers pass down to their sons. A love for cords and audio visual equipment is something Clark has passed down to Finn without even knowing it. Who knew that was something one could inherit. It's the cutest thing! and I of course love that it's something both of them love. To different degrees of course. :) For example: Clark loves to plug cords into things and press all kinds of buttons to figure out how they can best work together for optimum sound and picture quality. For this same reason Clark has started his new biz, However, Finn loves to chew cords and press all kinds of buttons for the most textured and soothing taste with the most entertaining light show. Both love remote controls. I took the picture of Finn while he was playing on the 2nd floor in the corner with the entertainment center. I took this picture of Clark while he was on the 1st floor trying to get our projector to work with some new cords he had so that when Finn is playing there he won't get hurt or break the equipment. The first time I caught Finn playing in the entertainment center I wasn't going to tell Clark about it, but of course he saw Finn playing there (because Finn loves playing there) and I was worried that Clark wouldn't let Finn play there anymore. Being the awesome father that he is, he thought it was so great that Finn was interested in the same things as he was. He was so proud of him and lets him play there all the time, even when he's not home.


I love these pictures because they are actually wearing similar shirts and I took these just 1 day apart. So cute! I love Clark, that's why I married him! I love my boys. Like father, like son.

I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for:

  • Likes and dislikes which can be passed down from Father to Son.

  • Movie nights.

  • Snuggling together as a family, even if it's for just a brief moment.

  • Great teachers at church which spice up their lessons by bringing in talented musicians to help bring the spirit.

  • Poopy diapers because when there aren't any I get worried. LOL

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.