Did I hear a 9-er in there?


So today was the 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year in the 2nd millennium since the birth of Christ. It's all 9s!
We're unlikely to experience another single-digit date in our lifetime. The next one won't roll around for 92 years -- until 1/1/2101.

Clark & I have spent every single-digit date with each other. What's happened so far?


  • 01-01-01 (we were dating then got married and lived in FL but then moved to UT.)

  • 02-02-02 (got Plato in August)

  • 03-03-03 (1st Winegar nephew born on that exact date!)

  • 04-04-04 (just moved into our 1st house & Linda's parents move to UT)

  • 05-05-05 (1st Winegar niece born & Linda's Bro. Abraham gets married.)

  • 06-06-06 (Moved to Orem then Pleasant Grove in Dec.)

  • 07-07-07 (1st Bardalez Niece Born & turn basement into Fidjiti Studio)

  • 08-08-08 (Clark goes on Trek and makes the PG Stake Trek Video while Linda's Prego)

  • 09-09-09 (We had Finn and having fun with him now).

The date falls on a Wednesday in September, both of which have 9 letters.
September 9 also is the 252nd day of the year. 2+5+2=9.
In addition, if you multiply a single-digit number by 9, the resulting two digits add up to 9. Consider: 8x9=72

So to make this day fun I decided we needed to do 9 things, 9 times. So here's what we did: (we started at 1pm cause that's when I realized it was 9-9-09 so I'm sure we could have done more exciting things with some pre-planning.)

  1. Sent 9 Texts: Clark, Trisha, Jennie T, Annie, Alaura, Cory, Yolanda, Michelle, Melissa G & Heidi

  2. Did 9 things for Clark: Made Cupcakes, washed clothes, folded clothes, hung clothes, watched a movie, cleaned the guest bath, put away his nintendo, washed Clark's towel, etc...

  3. 9 things for Finn: Read scriptures, Read 2 Books, jumped, took pics, changed diapers, washed clothes, folded clothes, feed, watched movie, etc...

  4. Sang 9 songs.

  5. Talked to 9 People: Clark, Finn, Ma, Cory, Melissa M, Isabella, Kristen C, Rachel M, Conrad C,

  6. Do 9 things for myself: Pray, Read Scriptures, brush teeth, floss, shower, shave, do hair, do make-up, get ready, etc...

  7. Took 99 pics

  8. Took out 9 garbages. Who knew we had so many.

  9. Drop off 9 things to 9 people. We always have tons of stuff to drop off for some reason. LOL

9 years ago today, I was in Florida and Clark was in Utah we were probably talking to each other on our cell phones paying way too much for our phone bill and trying to see how to use internet phones to lessen the bills all while planning our next trip to see each other. By now we'd realized that we REALLY liked each other and couldn't stand being apart. Clark, thanks for making my past memorable and for being my happily ever after too.

Some of the pictures we took today:



This post was written on 09-19-09 but backdated it so it would be on the 9-9-09 when we actually did all these things.

I'm thankful to Heavenly Father for:

  • Wonderfully talented & generous friends who know how to sew and make the cutest things like an Apron, to help domesticate me. Thanks Melissa! (By far the bestest thing I've ever won from commenting on a blog.)

  • Head sets with microphones in them.

  • Cell phones in the year 2000.

  • Swing sets with the baby seats.

  • Scriptures which we can read online and listen to too.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.

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  1. I know I know... I ment to post to this earlier, but then life got away with me... BUT I love your 9's! So much fun I just wish I had thought of it first :) PS Is Finn really that big? He should still be a newborn in my minds eye... he's so cute!