I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...


It is sooooo cute to see how much Finn recognizes and loves his Dad. Finn and I are usually in the family room or kitchen so we can see Dad as soon as he gets home. Finn can hear the garage door opening and he gets super excited and starts to look around. Cause, I am sure he knows, his Dad is home. Then as soon as Clark says hi, Finn lights up and gives Dad some huge smiles and even squeals when he talks to him. So cute! Of course Clark is equally excited to see his son. It'll be cute to see Finn run to greet him, where right now he has to eagerly wait for his Dad to scoop him up and put him on his shoulders.



Since I get to do the morning routine with Finn, Clark likes to do the evening routine so he can get some good Father & Son time. Changing the last diaper, changing his clothes, reading Finn a book or 4, getting some last wiggles out, tickling him and talking with him. Here they are getting ready for bed. Sharing some last smiles with Mom for the camera. They are even wearing the same colors. Adorable! Finn certainly looks like his Father's son.



I love my Boys!

I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for:

  • A running car.

  • Finn's little button nose.

  • Sun light which floods our home.

  • Electronics with an off button.

  • Mirrors.

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Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.

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  1. He's getting sooo big! and cuter by the min... miss you guys PS I love your thankful notes... reminds me to be thankful too :)