Ate Months


Finn is now 8 month's old. Wow, how time flies when you have a kid. I guess time has always flown by especially if you know me cause I'm always late. Time not only flies it just passes me by without even letting me know. LOL

Anyways, we love every second we have with Finn. We think it's so true why they call the moment you are in, the "present," because it really is a gift from God. I hope we never forget it or take it for granted and hope we never take Finn for granted. He's such a sweet boy. We love you Finn! This has been the best 8 months of our lives.



What Finn's doing:

  • Crawling! No longer just rocking, which is still super cute.

  • Has 2 bottom teeth.

  • Eats Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner meals plus snacks.

  • Loves rice, real rice!

  • Loves Bananas and Yogurt (stage 2)

  • Loves Pasta & Veggies (stage 2)

  • Still loves Applesauce

  • Likes foods with texture.

  • Still rocks and rolls all over the floor.

  • Jumping is still his favorite activity.

  • Can play by himself for a while. (this is really helpful)

  • Loves to drink water from a tiny cup.

  • Weighs 22lbs (we did the carry with and carry without methods on our adult scale.)

  • Babbles, babbles and sometimes gurgles.

  • Laughs a lot.

  • Great at having conversations with you if you ask him questions.

  • Thinks it's funny when you say, "bye-bye" while waving and then you disappear behind the wall.

  • Will turn his head to follow something around; i.e. cars, Plato, Dad, Mom...

  • Will cock his head to the side and around corners to see if you'll be coming back. Object permanence, he knows you aren't gone forever.

  • Does this super cute smile where he sucks his front teeth and makes a smacking sound, almost like a kiss sound, it just melts my heart.

  • Likes flash cards.

  • Loves to read board books. (Okay well, slap them and feel them.)

  • Wears size 12 months in some clothes and 24 months in others. They really should be more consistent, LOL.

  • Still loves to be swaddled for bed but will wiggle himself out of it shortly after he actually gets into bed.

  • Takes 2 naps during the day.

  • Likes to ride on Dad's shoulders.

  • Kicks his legs in and out of the water. Definitely going to do swimming lessons next summer. Start him early!

  • Can pull out DVDs from the shelf. (we thought we put those in there pretty tight, I guess he's stronger than we thought.)

  • Likes to go for rides in the car.

  • Likes being tickled.

  • Loves roller coasters! (ok well, to be thrown in the air and spun around as if he were on a roller coaster.)

  • Likes to listen to Dueling Banjos.

  • Thinks he's a funny looking kid when he sees himself in the mirror.

  • Likes to eat outside and see the cars pass by.

  • Likes to play with his Nike kicks and his clothes hangers (looks like he'll like geometry).

  • Trys to contribute to the lessons and talks at church.

  • Likes to hear mom and dad, beat-box (rhythm).

  • and so much more!

I'm thankful to Heavenly Father for:

  • Lots of different facial expressions.

  • Gloves to protect Clark from slicing his hand open.

  • The Boppy, for so many reasons.

  • Bottled baby food, ready to eat.

  • Time alone with Clark.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Remember how Finn is ridiculously adorable? I mean, it's kind of out of control. My friends look at your blog and dissolve into weepy blobs at his cuteness.

  2. I can not believe how old Finn is getting. I just caught up on all your post. You are so creative. I love your cute little family :]

  3. I just wrote a comment but it didn't post I don't think. If it did sorry i am writing twice. I can't believe how big Finn is getting. He is soooo stinking cute. I love all your post. You are so creative. I love your cute little family :]