Point & Shoot!


UPS finally got here! So after going without a camera for over a month, which BTW is a super long time if you're like me and love to take pics of everything and everyone, Clark got our little family the sweetest camera. Thanks Clark, you're my hero! (I'm so glad I have a house full of those.) It's of course a Canon and it's Silver. It's perfect for me, my brand spanking new point and shoot! It even takes HD videos. (Clark can tell you why that's better than normal...I can't explain all of the technical stuff.)

So here's the very first and second pictures I took with it. (I didn't try to take it in a fancy way or use a cool technique, I just needed to take a photo fast!)



What cute pics to start with. I bet my camera loves us already. I'll get fancier with the pics after I read the manual. I'll try to read it anyways, I wonder if they have an audio version of their manual. LOL

Here's what my new camera looks like:


It's called the Canon PowerShot SD780IS 12.1 MP (wow they just keep adding more and more) Digital Camera - Silver

K, now lets not lose or even break this one! (speaking to myself here.) BTW I only included the name of the camera and a pic of it here because I didn't even know what kind I had last time and wanted to just get the same one but had no idea what it was even called. This one is better anyways, so it doesn't matter anymore. R.I.P. my old little canon. I hope you're off taking great pics for another family who OBVIOUSLY needed it more than we did otherwise they would have turned it in. We only needed the memory card, for crying out loud (which I did a lot of). Sheesh! Apparently, I need to review the lesson on forgiving others, huh? J slash K, seriously I did forgive them ...just now.

[Went off to engrave name and number on the new camera.]

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Finn is just the cutest thing! And I'm happy you got a new camera!

  2. Linda,
    You are just the cutest thing! I also read about your Denver trip. I miss Denver. Love the Gardens and the Aquarium!