365 Reasons why we love Clark


So the gift we gave Clark for Father's day just keeps on giving. In fact it could give for the rest of the year and until next Father's Day or I guess more accurately speaking would probably only give for a month. You'll soon find out why this gift keeps on giving and why it could possibly only last 1 month.

This past Father's Day was Clark's first "official" (because now he's a father to his own child) Father's Day. So, we made this great jar titled, "365 Reasons why we love Clark (Husband & Father)" It was filled with 365 reasons why we love him, each reason on each piece of candy.


Not exactly sure what sparked this idea, but possibly several different sites helped with it. 10 reasons why I love... and 100 reasons why I like.... and then it struck me. We can do something like that for Clark. I could write reasons why we love him on a card or I could even type it out and put it on a cute scrapbook page.  But let's be honest that would probably only be cool for a few days. I wanted something to remind him, why we love him and why we think he's "BE-AWESOME," everyday.

What about candy? Like the fun Dove candies which have little messages on the wrappers. Hm.. I could add a sticker label to the outside piece of candy. (chocolate candy of course!)


Now, how many reasons are there? 10 or 100 reasons would be okay, but 365, now that would be perfect. One for everyday of the year, just like I wanted. I figure we've been married 8 years so I was sure it wouldn't be hard to come up with those, after all he is the best husband and father ever. So, 365 it is. Then...I needed 365 pieces of his favorite candy and a jar big enough to fit them all in. Wow! Luckily I had a jar from a long time ago. It fit all of the pieces of candy perfectly. So, in the end he had 365 pieces of candy with a message on each one reminding him why we love him.

Make your own 365 Reasons Candy Jar




  • 365 Pieces of Candy (I suggest candy large enough to fit your label around, if it's too small it may not work.)

  • 365 Sticker Labels

  • Computer & Printer unless you choose to hand write them.

  • Jar big enough to hold 365 candies. (buy candy first then look for a jar)

  • Optional: anything else you'd like to decorate the outside of the jar with.


  1. Type up 365 reasons why you love your spouse. (I used Labels on MS Word)

  2. Test a label to make sure it is legible on the candy wrapper.

  3. Print Labels (I used custom labels but I think the Avery 5160 address label size would work)

  4. Count Candy and mix it in the jar (just so they don't have to get all of the same kind at once.)

  5. Peel and stick labels onto candies

  6. Put all candies in the jar and give as gift.

Rules: Eat 1 a day or as many as needed to boost the spirits. :)

Well, needless to say he loved it and continues to love it each day. He keeps it at work and he says he eats more than 1 a day. LOL Who wouldn't, I put in all his favorites. I'm so glad we made this jar for him. I say we, because Finn actually did help by adding a bit of drool on the candy wrappers and provided some great reasons on why he loves his Dad. Plato also helped, he thought I was tossing the candies in the jar for him to play with. LOL.

Oh and I almost forgot, here's some of my favorite reasons why I love Clark.

Clark, I love you because...

  1. You're mine forever!!!

  2. Of the way you are with Finn, so caring, loving, and funny.

  3. You always let me pick the movie.

  4. You're super strong and can even take our stationary recumbent bike downstairs, pack it into the car and take it to someone else's house all by yourself all while you're sick.

  5. You work away from home so I can stay home.

  6. You put the toilet seat down so I don't fall in at night.

  7. You know everything there is to know about cords. Especially where the yellow, red and blue ones go.

  8. You know all the rules to every sport.

  9. I love the sound of your voice. (Maybe that's why I always want to "talk.")

  10. You can't stay mad at me. :)

  11. You love roller coasters too.

  12. You love to eat more than 3 cookies.

  13. You get me fruit flowers cause you know I think roses are a waste of money.

  14. You always save me the last piece.

  15. You always take on any challenge you're given and win.

  16. You always see the good in people.

  17. You can read like 14 books at a time and keep all of their stories straight.

  18. Your favorite candy bar is Twix.

  19. You give up your personal wants in order to spend time with me.

  20. You have an awesome sense of humor.

  21. The sound of your laugh always makes my heart skip a beat.

  22. You talk to me in your sleep.

  23. You're my Edward!

  24. You will endure the weather for me if I need the car.

  25. You stay worthy so you can take me to the temple anytime.

  26. You get me fries when I'm sad.

  27. You get me fries when I'm happy. :)

  28. You're so awesome, Heavenly Father lets us work together in our callings.

  29. You're a researcher and can figure anything out.

  30. You're super talented and can shave your own hair and even Bic it too.

  31. You are never idle, you always like to be doing something and multi-tasking.

  32. You'll make funny faces in the mirror and laugh at yourself. LOL it's so cute!

  33. You hold my hand in public.

  34. You have integrity and you're honest, even when you're out of a job and have no insurance.

  35. You love brown paper bags for gift wrap. That's so cool!

  36. You've liked to make movies ever since you were little and still do.

  37. Of the little looks you give me when we are around friends or in meetings. ;)

  38. You bring the best out in me and others.

  39. You're cool and know how to use a bow and arrow.

  40. You never complain about anything. You make everything fun.

  41. You will drive countless hours because you know I don't like driving.

  42. You love Heavenly Father and pray to Him every day. Which in turn inspires me to do the same.

  43. You support me and even attend scrapbook trade shows, where gay peeps could hit on you. LOL Sorry.

  44. You got me pregnant!

  45. 365 reasons to love you is just the beginning.

  46. (New!) You skip your own breakfast, so that I can have the last bit of milk for my breakfast.

The best thing about doing this on the computer is I get to add to the list whenever I want and therefore get ready for next years jar.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. what a cute wifey! :] Go Linda. ps. i miss you soooo much! I think we should let Brynlee and Finn play! what a fun play date!

  2. number 7 is the BEST! I couldn't function around here without Robb's electrical knowledge...guess that's a husband thing.

    Clark, you are lucky, I think robb got the top ten reason why I love him. and I thought THAT was nice!