Our Super Hero Son


So Finny, Finn, Finn is almost 1. (ok well, he's actually 6 months old but 1 year is just around the corner.) Now, I know what they mean when they say that a lifetime here on earth is just a blink of an eye compared to eternity. Totally true!! I haven't even finished blinking and Finn is now 6 month's old. How time flies when you have just 1 kid. (it's gonna be a circus if we even have 1 more, sounds fun.)

Here's what Finn can do at exactly 6 months old.

  • Sleep through the night. (since 12 weeks with a couple early days here and there, what an angel!)

  • Likes tummy time better now. Great head lifting going on.

  • Still sits in Bumbo (gonna grow out of it quick)

  • Laughs out loud, the best sound our ears have ever heard.

  • Loves to talk and squeal.

  • Grabs toys with both hands or each hand separately.

  • Rolls over, both ways (even Plato never got this one. LOL)

  • Knows us very well. Phew!

  • Drops things and picks them up.

  • Loves board books

  • Loves to hear his Dad's voice, especially while reading scriptures or any book.

  • Said "Da Da" 07-21-2009 but won't say it again for us. Not on command just yet.

  • Sits up for a few seconds (if not distracted or kicking) all by himself.

  • Runs a lot. LOL

  • Eats rice and oatmeal cereal for lunch and dinner.

  • Loves to hate Peas!

  • Loves people, when his belly is full.

  • Captivated by the world around him.

  • Looks at you and waits for you to look back at him so he can smile at you.

  • Great head and neck movement. Sometimes it looks like he can turn his head all the way around.

  • Been too tall for 3-6 months jammies at 5 months (who makes those things? Seems like they make jammies for short stubby babies.)

  • Loves to splish-splash with his feet.

  • Super strong grip. Keep him away from your jewelry if you plan to wear it again.

  • Can stand while leaning on a chair for a few seconds.

  • Thinks Plato is super funny.

  • Takes at least 2 naps during the day. Yippy! It was a while since he could do that, I guess all of that flying around saving peeps makes a baby tired.

  • Scratches his head when he's thinking about going to sleep.

  • Loves Baby Einstein (Just the first one, we haven't watched the others with him yet.)

  • Head Circumference: 18" - 93%

  • Weight: 18.3 lbs - 66%

  • Length: 27.5" - 85%

  • and a slue of other things I'm forgetting to mention.

Our 6 month old Super Son!

So he's worn a cape since he was born. Don't act surprised, you all have seen it. That's right, he's our super hero son! The only time he doesn't wear one is when he's sleeping at night, cause that's when he's resting from saving the world. I guess we shouldn't advertise this to everyone because we should keep his identity safe, but we are just so proud of him. He wears all kinds of capes, some say he loves dad some say he loves mom or grandma, but they are all his capes. He's got to have so many because he's also very Earth-conscious, and doesn't want to waste water to wash the same one everyday. He's said, that saving the world also means being nice to the earth. What a super son!



Here's some more fun Cape Pics: (Click here to view them on Flickr.)


P.S. We may have to hide the cape as he gets older to protect him, but for now we'll let him wear it in public and show it off.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Marian BartholomewJuly 23, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    so, so cute ! I feel like I always hold my breath when a firend has a baby just praying that they will healthy and happy. SO happy that your son is doing "super" great. I can start breathing again ! Have a "super" great day !

    Love, Marian

  2. Kimberly BreakwellJuly 23, 2009 at 6:19 PM

    Finn is such a darling kid! I love that he is so happy and smiley! He is such a cutie-pie.

  3. Those are awesome pics. I love the one that's on the top right of the additional pics where he's leaning way over.