Winegar Christmas Party


The Woods hosted the Winegar Family Christmas Party this year. Great food, fun, catching up on each others lives (because we don't get so see them nearly enough), some Ping Pong playing between Matt & Clark, the traditional singing of the 12 days of Christmas with parts and especially great desserts. There was a chocolate pie and it was amazing!!! Aunt Tam and cousin Jennie are in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (they have amazing voices) and they gave us 2 CDs this year. Rejoice & Be Merry and Praise to The Man. Aunt Tam sang in both the CDs and Jennie sang in Praise to The Man. I think last year they gave us Spirit of the Season. I just love adding to our Christmas music collection because the same ole songs just don't do it for me anymore. The MoTab Choir is so uplifting and always brings the true spirit of Christmas into our home or car. :)

Bumpy's favorite song was Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly from the Rejoice & Be Merry cd, he loved the chorus and would get really excited and move a lot when that song would come on. I think he loves all Christmas music.

Special thanks to The Woods for hosting and organizing a wonderful Christmas Party and for the super thoughtful and uplifting CD gifts. Click here if you'd like to order 4x6 prints of any of the pictures below.


Guys are so funny when it comes to getting pics taken of them. I guess it's cause they don't want to be online. :)



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