One of my "Gold" Friends


So my previous neighbor (Julie) came to visit me from Florida this afternoon. They used to live right next door but moved to FL because her hubby got a sweet job offer there. We miss them, but of course love our new neighbors too. We saw Twilight together (her 1st and my 2nd time) and then we went to Paradise Bakery. They have the best Tomato Basil soup ever and their cookies are to die for too. One time Julie made their sugar cookies, tasted just like the ones they make. They were yummy! I also miss Julie's Tamales, she used to make some amazing tamales for us. Thanks for coming to visit me. I Miss you!


P.S. The "gold friend" is from "Make new Friends (but keep the old)" song. (the rest of the words are "one is silver and the other gold.) I can't remember where I learned it, I thought it was in primary but it's not in the song book. that cute song.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. i'm so sorry I missed her! She did make great tamales! wow I was on here the other day and it was still on braces and I get on today and it's jammed pack with new stuff. I think you must be the cutest prego girl ever

  2. I sang that song when I was in Brownies in elementry school.
    Make new friends but keep the old. One is sliver and the other gold. A circle's round, it has no end. That's how long I want to be your friend.
    At least those were the words we sang. I'm surprised I can still remember it! That was ages ago!!

  3. you're so nice! yeah, i sang that song in girl scouts, too.