I miss Shoveling


The first time I saw snow was when I was 20 while dating Clark. It was the coolest (pun intended) and most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. Then when it snowed it was even better. Like a miracle! Anyways, I love snow and the only time I don't like it is when we have to drive all over it and make the snow all black and brown. Oh and I guess I don't like that it has to be so cold when it snows. LOL  Most of you know how much I love to shovel. I really, really, really love to shovel. Maybe because it's the easiest service that one can do for your spouse and others too (if you so choose to help other peeps). I mean you get to workout and serve at the same time! And it's the only time you can "see" a need that someone has and do something about it.

Well, this year I'm not allowed to shovel. I'm pretty sure I "could" but with this being our first baby I guess I should maybe take it easy. Plus...Clark would kill me and so would Cory (our neighbor who always watches out for little ole me, bless her heart.) But, I am pretty sure shoveling a bit of snow is much less work than if I had maybe another kid or 2 which I'd have to take care of and tend to all of the time while being prego. I mean, I see moms straining while prego all the time. This is Utah remember. If I were living in FL it'd be way different, I'd maybe even get to see and park in some of those "expectant mother" parking spaces. They never have those here because they'd always be full anyways. LOL But it is fun having prego buddies around here. Can't wait for all of our playgroups. I can't believe I just said that! Playgroups...man we're going to be parents soon. Crazy!!


Well, on top of all the hard work Clark does for our little family he even finds time to shovel our driveway for us and help others too. Thanks for doing the shoveling this winter Babe! Maybe after the Bumpy is born I can shovel again in order to lose some of my prego weight.


Here's some more pics of the snow in our neighborhood and in our backyard. So pretty!


Linda Winegar

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