That, that, THAT!


14 months! Finn has been saying, "that" and pointing to everything he sees since about the 1st of March (just took me a while to jot it down). The cutest thing ever! If we scoop him up he'll then proceed to say, "that, that, that" and point to everything we pass. Pictures, books, toys, toilet paper, necklaces, cell phones, computers, that, that, that! So, we've been telling him what "that" is, so he knows what it's called instead of just saying, "that" when he gets older. Maybe it will work.

He woke up one morning and was just happy as can be. On my way up to see him all of the sudden he started getting really upset an angry and grunting a lot. So as soon as I walked in, he looked like he was trying to climb out and then pointed to the handle of the Fly Swatter (BTW never been used) on the top shelf of his closet by the wall, (really hard to find), and kept saying, "that, that, that!" Being the good parent that I am, I of course asked him, "you want the fly swatter?" He says, "yeah" and starts stomping in his bed. LOL Finally gave it to him and he seriously had it in his hand for about 2 hours, til his nap and then when he woke up and then just before dinner for another hour. Had I known he was such a huge fan of the fly swatter I would have just got him those for Christmas.

He can say: Dad, uh-oh, nite nite, Nana, Maaam, roar (immediately roars when you say the word lion or show him a pic of a lion), oooohh (when he sees something fluffy or cuddly), yeah (when he answers questions), That, arms up (puts his arms up when talking off shirt on command), vroom vroom (while playing cars), and others I'm sure I'm forgetting to write.

He understands when we say: prayer (folds his arms), no, yes, close, open, Plato, wave, clap, dog, drink, sleepies, milkies, lunch, dinner, breakfast, poopies, diaper, lion, sit, stand, bath, bedtime, chew, itsy-bitsy (sometimes puts his little fingers together to try and do it), talk, cell phone, remote, toys, ball, switch (when we have to have him switch toys from one hand to the other) bib, arms up, Jesus (can point to Him in a picture), hi, nose, eyes, point, shoes, pants, socks, shirt, left, right, and a whole lot more.

He can read and understand (but not say just yet): no (shakes his head), arms up (puts arms up), hi, wave (waves), eat, mouth, clap (claps), dog (says ooohhh), cat (says ooohhh) and more I'm forgetting right now.

Had the cutest temper tantrum I've ever seen for the first time on the 5th of March just 11 days before he turned 14 months. Was screaming, stomping his feet and clenching his fists, while turning red and then sat down and started crying. (took away a cell phone) So early, we're so in for it! LOL I was dying of laughter, and of course he did it in front of my Mother-in-law. Embarrassing! Luckily she thought it was funny too. But he has been doing mini ones ever since when he doesn't get his way or his toy or our toys. So, we're working on it. But it's so hard not to laugh, while asking him to explain what he needs or wants and to say, "please." LOL

Conversations: He can have conversations with you now even better than before. Uses the letter sounds La, Le, De, Da, Re, Ra, and other cute sounds, but mostly loves the L sound. Yippy, I love the letter L too, for obvious reasons. ;)And ask him a yes or no question and he might answer, "yeah." He's too cute!

T2MHF4: Fun family times which allow us to grow closer together. We're gonna be together forever, but wouldn't it be even better if we had more good memories to replace the ones we'd prefer not to remember. Even if it's just taking a trip to the grocery store or a ride in the car to get some fries. You can always count on Finn doing or saying something cute and conversations with Clark always start when you're not rushing around. I cherish the few "down times" we get with each other. Maybe it's cause Clark makes everything that would normally be boring, fun!

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.