Fave Text Convo w/ Cory


Favorite text-versation with Cory.

from July 3, 2009 (yes been meaning to blog this for a while now, LOL)

Linda: I hope you were able to get some rest yesterday.

Cory: Linda u should know by now, moms don't rest, we wait for the next crisis & waiting is worrin & worryin is not restful. That's what the next life is for...oh..wait. Nevermind, we don't rest there either. I suppose that's where the phrase "no rest 4 the wicked" comes from.

Linda: LOL you're not wicked cause if you think you're wicked then you just better rest now so you can make up for it. Wait... if wicked peeps are not resting and righteous peeps are not idle then who gets to rest? LOL

Cory: Yeah I hadn't quite figured that one out yet, cuz I'm hoping to get in with those peeps. the ones that get rest.

Linda: LOL Yeah me too! Let me know if you figure something out.

(still haven't figured anything out. LOL)

Here's some fun personal texting stats.

Cell Log: Feb. 2 2009 through Jul. 3, 2009 (when I got my new phone, no not an iphone, just a regular nokia)

sent texts: 2830
pic texts: 261
received 1765
received pics: 54

Cell Log: From Jul. 3, 2009 through Mar. 11, 2010

sent texts: 3542
pic texts: 102
received 3568
received pics: 55

My texting has increased! I've gotten more texts than I've sent them. I think people are starting to like me. LOL I obviously sent a lot more pic texts when I first got my phone. 2 reasons; 1. Finn was born and can never get enough of showing him off. 2. My old phone couldn't do it. It was my new toy. :)

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Um, I don't want to burst your bubble, I'm sure people like you, but I think the reason your received texts went up is because you can't figure out how to unsubscribe from those weather alerts. :)

  2. You're funny Linda! Didn't you know? EVERYONE likes you!