The Dragging Broom


Finn was sweeping the floor today. Went back and forth, like I do, and just kept dragging the broom behind him. He'd occasionally sit on the floor to sweep under the fridge or counters but then he'd get back up and keep at it. Was doing it for like 30 min! Crazy, awesome! I just love my little helper. Can't wait till he can drag or push the vacuum, I bet Clark can't wait either. LOL he's the one who does the vacuuming around here. What great helpers I have!

T2MHF4: Temples and how close they are to us. Clark has one just 4 min away from where he works. He's able to go early just before work and get a great start to his day and to mine as well, being that it blesses the whole family when even just 1 person can go. What a great Hubby to go to the Temple for us!

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.