Families Together


Today what made me happy was having the whole family together for Finn's 1st Birthday celebration. Sure, it was chaotic and loud and Finn only wanted to be held by either Clark or myself cause of the amount of people in our house, but it was still awesome to have everyone together. Then the thing that made me sad was that I didn't even take a picture of all of our family. Just a few pics. :( Seriously can I just install automatic cameras everywhere and the cameras just take random pics throughout the day and I can go through them to see if I like them at the end of each day. You know like the ones on roller coasters. LOL T2MHF4...cameras which allow me to capture the fun moments in life to remember them later, even if I forget to take pictures sometimes, I'm still glad I can when I do remember.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.