Stop & Stare


Finn was playing by himself in the front room, while I was washing the dishes and I of course had to take a peek at him to make sure he was doing okay. He looked up at me from behind the mini-pool table and held up his toy to show me what he was playing with and smiled. It melted my heart! I smiled back and then went back to doing the dishes as my eyes got all watery. Then Clark, being the good BFF to Jonas that he is, was hanging out with him tonight, so he got home a little later than usual. We were whispering in bed and usually have the lights off when we're whispering but tonight he said he wanted to leave the lights on because he hadn't seen me all day and wanted to look at me as we whispered in bed. AWE!!!! So sweet, I love my husband! He always knows the right things to say. T2MHF4... These sweet and tender moments!

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.