2009 It was about Time!


I can't even believe Finn will be 1 in a couple weeks. Doesn't that just blow your mind. It's mind boggling to even think that our child (that we even have a child) is now going to be 1. Can I say that one more time. He's gonna be ONE!!!!! WHAT!!! We don't even know what life was like before he became part of our family. Except for maybe that we liked it when Plato barked, that has changed for sure. I'll be honest, I still think I could be in High School, that's how immature I feel and act sometimes. LOL (and obviously how I write too) Anyways... Doesn't he look like he's 5 (ok maybe 2) in this pic. Weird!


Here's things he's been doing since the last update up until the end of 2009.

  • He's walking! He's taken several steps all by himself. Those cute little legs are going places. I saw him take his first steps at exactly 11 months. Clark said he saw his first steps a week before that.

  • Down to 2 nursings a day. Whoot! whoot! or better yet Hoot! Hoot! LOL (high school, remember)

  • Takes a knee. (see pic above) Ready for when he's dubbed a Knight.

  • Goes up (since 10 months) and down the stairs with no help. (But with supervision, of course! I don't want to ever hear that sound, but I am sure I will. Clark is his father after all.)

  • Sits and flips the pages of books. Sometimes rips them but loves to touch, flip and feel the pages of any book between his fingers. Really loves the touchy feely books. He's gotten the love for books from his Dad, of course.

  • 8 teeth (he has had 8 for a while now...seems like they all came in around the same time - in early Nov)

  • Down to just 1 nap a day. :(

  • Has been drinking regular milk for a couple weeks now. He's done great with it. Just part of transitioning from nursing to not-nursing. So that by the day after his birthday we'll be onto regular milk 100% of the time.

  • Eats the food we make. Unless it's spicy or is a frozen dinner, cause we know those must be bad for toddlers.

  • Climbs over everything. The little barrier of couch cushions was first 1 level high (a long while back) then 2 levels high and well it would be too much work to do 3 levels anyways and he'd probably knock them off, so we just gave up on that idea after he could climb over the 2 levels. But 2 levels was pretty high, it was probably like 2 feet high.

  • Loves obstacle courses. So, we've set up obstacle courses with couch cushions before and he knows how to crawl under them and around them. LOL it's too cute. Poor Plato... he wishes we would have done that with him. "Plato," "Be sneaky!" oh well we gave up too soon. Too much work training a dog, so we figured training a child would be easier, but go figure, it's not.

  • Can eat cheerios, fruit slices, cheese, crackers and cookies (not real ones, but we like to call the animal crackers cookies) all by himself and without choking.

  • Loves to be tossed up into the air. This he gets from both of us. I can't wait to take him to a theme park to go on some rides.

  • Loves to be Mom's little dance partner.

  • Spreads his arms out for you to scoop him up.

  • He's also super tall, and can reach onto the table to grab things and pull them onto the floor. He doesn't look like he could, but he must have inherited his Dad's wing span. Clark has the longest arms, which is one of the reasons why he's awesome at Basketball.

  • Opens all the cabinets he can pry his little fingers under. We don't have knobs, that we would be too easy. He loves to see what surprises await him behind every door. I think he'd enjoy being on "Let's Make a Deal." He also loves to stand next to the door, look at Mom to see if she's watching and if she is, then looks to see her reaction to his attempt at opening the door. LOL While she quickly hurdles everything in her path to stop him from killing/hurting himself with the contents of the cupboard, but in the process probably hurting herself. Which is better and funnier anyways.

  • Knows how to wait, but not because he's being told to wait, but because he wants to see what your reaction will be at his attempt to doing whatever he's doing. This is amazing! It reminds me of the "Mommy, watch" phrase. How does he know

  • He lets us put 5 fingered gloves on his tiny little hands. Seems to be one everyone enjoys pointing out to us. We think they just fit better and stay on better than mittens, plus they were only $1 anyways.

  • Still manages to sleep through the night. He's been waking up a couple days out of the week. But we think it's because we're up too late. We've tested it several times. If we go to sleep before 10:30pm then he won't wake up in the middle of the night but if we don't then he wakes up. How does he know this? Please if you have an answer let me know.

  • and of course a lot of other things I always forget to jot down.

I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for ...

  1. Trusting us with one of His bestest children.

  2. Artists who were inspired to paint this picture, "For This Child I Prayed," to inspire and remind others of the story of Hannah, Samuel's mother. I love this painting!

  3. Crock Pots or more accurate, "Slow Cookers." What would I do without mine?! Thanks to Clark too!

  4. New Years, to make us feel like we can start all over again, in order to become better people, better servants.

  5. My wonderful most creative husband ever who spoils me and is doing the 12 days of Christmas with custom made rhyming poems for me. 6 Geese a laying. The Cadbury chocolate is the bomb! Although the "calling Berts" were my favorite thus far.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.