Feeding Finn


Everyone (especially my Mom, Cory & Trisha) knows, if you ask me what I was doing last night, what I am doing right now or what I will be doing later, my answer is usually, "Feeding Finn." Seems like so much of my day is feeding and eating. I guess that's probably why it's so hard to lose the last 5 lbs because I'm either producing it, making it, mixing it, wearing it, eating it, wiping it, heating it and feeding it, all because of Finn. Not to mention eating my own meals. LOL

Here's some pics of Finn while he's eating. He started eating baby cereal at exactly 6 months. I just kept forgetting to catch it on camera. He's now eating cereal and stage 1 foods.

Pics taken 7-29-2009

IMG_0059 copy




You can see his bottom 2 front teeth are almost breaking through. We're gonna miss the toothless smile.

Finn loves to watch Plato, but even more when he's eating. Finn thinks Plato is hilarious when he's eating, and watching Finn laugh at Plato is even funnier. LOL (I actually had to keep myself from laughing in the video. I hate to listen to myself, I think my voice is weird.)  Anyways, this video was taken Aug. 5, 2009. Finn is just so fun to be around.

I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for:

  • Spoons, cause it would be even messier just trying to use our bare hands.

  • Finding Plato when he got lost.

  • Betty Crocker Complete Meals in a box.

  • Have I said Cookies, cause I am always thankful for Cookies.

  • Finn's crying. Never thought I would be thankful for that, but it just lets me know he's still alive.

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