Comes with a Pouty Lip


Life with Finn is great! He is such a happy boy and from what we can tell loves life, even if I just leave him to play by himself sometimes (but not unattended!). There are those cute, yet RARE, moments when he gets sad and lets us know it by pouting his lip. I think all babies know exactly how to to get what they want, or maybe it's just Finn. LOL Ever since he was born he's had this amazing ability to pout his lip whenever he's really sad or wants us to hold him. No one has ever showed him how to do this, he doesn't watch TV and we don't spend time practicing this with him, so it's got to be built in. It is really awesome how he just knows how to do this. Anyways, he knows that when he uses his little pouty lip we will just pick him up and try to make him feel better, and who wouldn't? (No...we don't care if he is being spoiled, thank you very much!) Here's a picture of him while being really sad and pouty and me trying to imitate him. I've had years of practice and I still haven't mastered it as well as he has. Look at that lip, awe...just makes you want to give him a hug.


15 weeks old (3.5 months)

Linda Winegar

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