Handsome Boys!


I have the most handsomest boys! And when you see them together...it's even better! My Mom & Grandmother have made Clark & Finn an even cuter combo (if that's even possible) by making them some matching ties to wear to Church. This level of cuteness should be illegal! Yes, that's Finn in a white shirt and tie. I just want to instill the importance of wearing a white shirt and tie on Sundays and especially while attending Church while he's little so when he gets older it will be a normal and natural thing for him to do. (And so he won't fight with me (as much) about not wanting to wear it when he starts talking.) After all, it's the Sabbath day and we need to keep it holy by wearing a appropriate, and yet super cute, white shirt and tie. We'll move up to wearing suits soon. Here's some pics of my matching, super cute and handsome boys.

April 26 2009 - Finn @ 14 weeks


May 3, 2009 - Finn @ 15 weeks


May 10, 2009 - Finn @ 16 weeks


I need to remember to take pictures of them before Church so that Finn isn't so hungry and mad. LOLCan you tell Finn's hair is getting lighter? He's even losing some of it.

Oh and lets not forget the first blue tie, Finn wore for his blessing and every other Sunday until my Mom and Grandmother made him the new ties. Thanks for those beautiful ties, Ma & Mamama! Yes, we may start selling those cute ties, so let me know if you want one. ;-)


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