Hollywood Hills Ward Reunion 2009


I grew up in the Hollywood Hills ward in Florida. I was probably in that ward until I turned 12 or 13. I loved that ward and made some awesome childhood friends. Like a lot of other wards, we grew in number and split and we no longer had to drive 1 hour to go to church since we lived in Coconut Creek. It was really sad because we missed our friends. Unfortunately, only a couple of my friends were able to attend the same ward and the rest of them stayed in Hollywood Hills. Our new ward was the Lauderhill Ward in the Coconut Creek building. This is the building where I went until I turned 19 and moved to Boca Raton to live on my own. However, after being in the Lauderhill ward for a little bit they asked us to go to the English ward because our whole family spoke English. This was both good and bad. I was getting to the point where I'd answer all of my Young Women leaders in English when they were all speaking Spanish. LOL. I bet I was annoying. A lot of us from the Hollywood Hills ward moved up here to Utah and this was our little reunion party which Rosiann put together. It was so much fun seeing all of my old friends and seeing how they've all turned out and a little trippy to see how their kids look like they did when they were little. I still saw some of them for weddings and stuff but this was awesome!

Here's a pic with Rosiann, my first BFF. We used to sleep over each other's houses, but she was one of my friends who stayed in the HH ward when I had to leave. But now she lives here in Utah!


Here's a pic with Michelle. I've known her family for so long and was one of the families which came with us to the new Lauderhill ward. Her sisters were my YW leaders and the gals I would annoy. I was first Vicki's (Michelle's Sister) friend but definately hung out with both of them most of the time and now we all know Michelle is in our ward here in Pleasant Grove and we've been Visiting Teaching companions for over 2 years now. Wow! Michelle's awesome!


Here's a picture of my 2 favorite boys. Isn't he so cute! Yes, I am talking about Clark, so ladies, don't answer the question. Clark is being such a wonderful and patient husband holding Finn while I enjoy some time with my old friends and even do some dancing. Finn seems a little shy around my friends. LOL He's holding on really tight to Clarks shirt. Clark was awesome to bring, set up and take down all of our equipment to the reunion so we could have some music and wireless announcing throughout the event. He's so awesome with audio visual equipment and there are seriously too many cords for me to even know where anything goes. How does he know about all these cords and equipment? I've never seen him reading any books about cords or audio visual equipment and he reads like 14 books at any given time. LOL I guess it's just one of his many talents. What would other people do without Clark's mad skills with cords and equipment? Ladies, now you can all answer this one and the answer is, "nothing." There would never be any fun parties, music playing, video watching from projectors, presentations, filming or even cool wireless announcers. I'm so proud of him!


Here's Rosiann & her brother Roy (Abraham's Friend), Michelle and her sister Patricia (aka Badida, our YW leader) and my Brother & me.


Here's all of the peeps from the Hollywood Hills ward which came to the reunion. Most of them live here in Utah. Crazy! The gentleman in the middle wearing a leather jacket was my Bishop. He was the Bishop whom I had to recite  the Articles of Faith to. I'm so old!



Because of the reunion I was thinking a lot about how amazing it is that all of the truths I was taught at such a young age can still be a part of me now. And not just me but my friends too. It's also crazy to see how much our lives have all changed but even though we're different and have been through trials and struggles our beliefs remain the same and we are still all striving to live with Heavenly Father again someday. I know it'll be a similar experience but a much sweeter reunion in the eternities, because we'll know how far we've come and know that it was all worth it. Of course we know it's worth it now too, but it'll just be better then when our earth life has finally been completed and we've passed the test. (I am really bad at tests so we'll see how I do.)

Well, thanks Rosiann for all of your hard work and putting this together for us. We love you!

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.