Finn is 2 Month's Old


2 months and 3 days have gone by and it's been the best 2 months of our lives. Each day just keeps getting better than the last. Today was his 2 month check up and he's growing big and tall. :)

He's 23.5 inches tall (69%) he did have his leg bent a little so I doubt the nurse got a good measurement so I bet he is really 24 but it doesn't really matter what they write down anyways as long as he's healthy, my mom doesn't even have that kind of info on me anyways. But let's continue just to please the grandparents and other family. Weighs 11lbs 3.5 oz (35%) and has a head circumference of 16 inches (64%). I guess he doesn't spit up all of his food after all. LOL

He is so fun. Here's a list of the things I love about him thus far.

  1. He smiles tons, ever since he was born he's smiled at us, only now he does it when we talk to him too. He seems to always be happy just like his Dad. That's one thing I loved about Clark when we first met, he was always happy no matter what. And still is!

  2. He snuggles. I'm so glad he loves to snuggle with us it's so comforting.

  3. He loves to sleep. Takes after both of us on this one. I can probably get a nap during the day if I wasn't so paranoid he'd wake up as soon as I fell asleep. LOL

  4. He only wakes up 1 time in the night. Started skipping a meal on 03-05-2009 all by himself. (Mom is so proud!) Now, I just need to get rid of that feeding and we'll be all set. But I am too scared to initiate it myself for the amount of crying which I am told he might do.

  5. His hair it's so cool.

  6. He loves to laying on his changing table cause that's where most of his stretching and kicking happens. I just love watching him stretch and kick.

  7. His cute baby coos and goos. He chats with us a lot, telling us his dreams and fun activities he wishes we'd would do with him.

  8. He's let us bring him to church with us for most of the 3 hours each Sunday since he was 4 weeks old. Got to get him used to going to church.

  9. Laughing while he sleeps. It's the best thing in the whole world. Sometimes just when he falls asleep he starts laughing. Must be dreaming about something funny. Maybe he's just remembering my clumsiness and frantic running around or maybe at how much stuff I bring with us everywhere we go and I'm not talking about stuff for him. LOL.

  10. How he makes Clark feel. I just love seeing Clark melt at the sight of him. I've never seen anything like it. But it then melts my heart and makes me all teary-eyed. (Yes, I'm teary-eyed right now just thinking about it as I type.)

I'm so greatfull to a Heavenly Father who thinks a lot of us to send us this choice spirit to brighten our lives and give us yet another reason to be better people. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here's some fun pics of Finn. This one is my favorite one taken by my Mom's. He looks like a cartoon. His expression is priceless! Yes, he was looking at me when my mom took the picture. My Happy Boy!



I guess maybe I talk too much cause he's trying to shut me up. LOL


Finn had a cute pose but I took the pic too late. He had his tiny little fist under his chin.


This is his curious look.


And this one he's practicing what to do when we all go to Disney and theme parks when he gets older. We all love rides!


First time on his borrowed Bombo, and loving it! This one came out blurry (taken from my cell phone) and therefore I shrunk it down so it would look a bit better. 03-18-2009





First day he fell asleep by himself. Yippy!!! He loves snuggling remember. 03-18-2009


Click here to order these pics in 4x6.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. OH MY GOSH....HE IS SO CUTE!! Linda- that one with his fists up....IS PRICELESS!!! That is the coolest picture I have ever seen!!! He is really cheering at all of Clark's basketball games saying, "YEAH DAD!! YOU SCORE ALL THE POINTS!!"

  2. Finn is soooo adorable. Jessica and I both can't get over his smile. What a little sweetie. Give him a squeeze for me. Love the VT website. You are still the most talented and creative person I know...and you have a new baby. Amazing! Love you!

  3. Linda! He is such a stud it is ridiculous! I have been thinking a lot about you and your cute little family and hope you are doing well! Soon it will be warm enough to get the little ones outside and catch up on life!