Relief Society Christmas Dinner & Program


Today was the Relief Society Christmas Dinner. The Enrichment committee made all of us Cafe Rio for dinner. WOW!!! Amazing gals, they treat us so well. The desserts were to die for. I wish I could have ate a little bit of all of the desserts.


The table decorations were super cute. Styrofoam mint trees, twinkling lights and even some Christmas trees and gifts to make the ambiance even more special. Thank you to all who helped put this wonderful activity together. You gals rock!

One of the traditions I liked which was shared was the Service Slips of Hay for the manger. On Dec 1st, you cut several strips of paper and put them in an area next to an empty manger. Each time you perform an act of kindness or serve someone you write it on the slip and put it in the manger. The slips are the "hay" hopefully by the time Christ is born on Dec 25, you have filled the manger enough for Christ to lay comfortably in it. Really cute and we're going to start that next Christmas.

Here are some pics I took of the event. (I sure hope you ladies don't hate me for taking your pictures. You gals are all just so cute and want to make sure we document fun times we have together.) Feel free to order 4x6 prints here from our flickr account if you'd like.


Linda & Michelle, glowing prego buddies!


Linda Winegar

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