Girls Night Out


December 2008 GNO at Cory's Mom's house last night. Cory gave us tours and we got to see about 26+ Decorated Christmas Trees. So beautiful, sorry I don't have pics of the trees. The ladies brought some awesome treats and snacks. Michelle H. brought my current prego favorite - Root Beer Floats, Melissa G brought some awesome chocolate (as usual), and Molly brought salsa and chips from a local mexican restaurant (the name currently escapes my memory but it's amazing). The Root Beer Floats must be a prego thing, cause I currently love Root Beer Floats and have had one almost every night for the past several weeks. I don't even like Root Beer or anything carbonated. LOL I guess Bumpy loves floats!

We were going to watch a movie but most of us decided we'd rather just chill and chat. I think some ladies did end up watching 27 Dresses but I didn't (mainly because I've already seen it). We had tons of fun and stayed up passed midnight. Everyone was invited of course, but I took pictures towards the end so not very many of us were in the pictures. So, sorry ladies if I wasn't able to take your pic. I still love ya! Click here to order 4x6 prints of any of these pics.




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