Hoopes Christmas Party


So the Hoopes (Clark's side of the family) Christmas Party was at the James' home in Lehi this year. There was a soup bar and lots of other goodies and treats. I just love soup bars! Had some of every soup. I think my favorite soup was one that Erica made, (I can't remember what it was called) but it reminded me of the Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup at Zupas (which is my favorite soup there). Oh soooooo good. Anyway...the party was fun we got to go around and catch up on everyone's lives and we even got to watch a cute video that the James' made from pictures of previous Hoopes Christmas Parties where the cousins would act out the Nativity Story found in the Bible.

Thanks to all for a memorable Hoopes Christmas!

Here's some pics which we took at the party. Click here to order 4x6 prints of the pictures below.




Oh, and I totally loved her tree! It has little picture frames as ornaments with pictures of her family in them. I was sooo going to do that this year, but along with a ton of other things I never got around to it. Our tree didn't even have any ornaments or decor on it this year. LOL But her tree turned out better than ours would have anyways, cause she's more creative. I mean I don't even know how to put little berries in a tree.

Here's the video of past Hoopes' Christmases. See if you can spot Clark.

Linda Winegar

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  1. I think Erica's soup was cream of asparagus, and it was pretty tasty.