Family Baby Shower


At 2pm my Mom and Mother-in-Law threw us the Family Baby Shower at our home. The decorations were super cute and done by a couple of my sister-in-laws. We had a soup bar! Oh how I love soup. Jude brought a couple soups (chili and a cheddar soup), some yummy desserts and my Mom made her famous green soup (it's like a basil minestrone), made the cutest onesie cake ever and we played a couple fun games.


I got to see some of our family which we hardly ever see these days (I wish I would have taken a pic of everyone), so it was great to have everyone there. I had a lot of fun and again everyone was so generous.

I can't believe we're really going to be parents soon. The 2 baby showers make it seem more real because up until now we didn't have anything for the baby except the room and crib. I hate being the center of attention unless it's at a club (which hasn't been the case in about 7-8 years). I guess Bumpy is the real center of attention, but peeps just have to look at me in order to look at him. LOL. I'm excited to see him and so is everyone else.

Here's some pics we took at the Baby Shower. Click here to order 4x6 prints of any of the pictures.




Thanks to everyone who organized, put together this awesome baby shower for Bumpy and everyone who made a special trip to come. These 2 Baby Showers were the best ones ever! We love you all!

P.S. Stephanie was the one who guessed the closest and the "smallest" for my belly size. Thank you Steph!

Linda Winegar

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