Twilight Movie Night


Oh man...last night was AMAZINGLY fun!!! We reserved the whole Theater for the midnight showing of the movie Twilight and sold the seats to our family, friends & neighbors. It was a full house! All tickets were sold out.

We arrived at 10:30pm to set up and we had a couple posters people could take pics with. Luckily Clark has a cool lighting kit and we were able to "look" like pros. My camera isn't an SLR (I wouldn't know how to use one anyway) or I am sure the pics would have been perfect. So, I am really sorry if some of you have blurry pics. You have to stand really still for my camera to take good pics. Don't worry though, my camera doesn't segregate, the only pic of Clark & I is blurry too. :( oh well. We still had fun and I am still putting that one in the scrapbook. Anyway, glad peeps brought their own cameras too, just in case.


We had a fun contest which we had; Celeni - with Alice's hair do, Clark - As Edward in the Sun (very sexy and sparkly), Melissa - as Bella in her Pjs and Cory - as Alice in her Yellow Porsche 911 Turbo. Cory won to $50 gift card to Amazon, even though she's a New Moon Alice. ;) Clark happened to point that out and everyone was very impressed that he even knew that. LOL of course he's read all 4 books! Which he thinks could have been combined all into 1 book - if you take out the staring contests, the lovie make-outs and the continuous praises of being so attractive. LOL


Thanks to all who came, participated, helped out with the layouts and contests and made it a night to remember. I hope you all had fun too. :) We took lots of pics, so here's just 3 pics. To see all the pics we took & order 4x6 prints for your layouts, go to our Flickr account here. Or click on the pictures below.


Review: I loved the movie!!! Can't wait till the next one. I didn't go into it with high expectations, so I did love it. I had a few fave parts. 1. When the Cullens make their entrance, so cool. 2. When Edward first sits next to Bella. & 3. Baseball. I also loved the intense staring and Edward watching Bella sleep but I loved those parts in the book too.


Hope you laides liked the Twilight Scrapbook Layouts. Several people worked hard on them. :) Thanks!

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Amazing! You always make everything so fun. Wish I could have been there.I loved the movie! You look adorable by the way.

  2. Last night was so fun! I loved the movie! I still laugh thinking about Clark's costume! It was great! He had the pose down perfect! Thanks for last night and for the cute scrapbook layout! You're the best!!

  3. I saw twilight with Lindsay and a friend from work this morning ! WOW ! As soon as it was over we wanted to see it again ! One of my favorite parts was when Edward and Bella are in the forest together. Very cool ! lol

  4. How fun!! I wish I could've come with all you fun gals! I am assuming that I would've been invited. How neat for you to have put that all together. I'm hoping to see Twilight next week, very excited! You look so cute pregnant!

  5. You look so stinkin' cute!! :] You're big little belly!! haha.. i'm so
    excited for you guys!