Time-of-Day Baby Shower Invite


Ever since I attended my first Time-of-day baby shower, I pictured this invite in my head. It's been years and I was finally able to make one. Yippy! I think it turned out better than I imagined.


The text for the invite reads (~ separates each line): __ is almost due, ~ __ doesn't have a clue, ~ but they're both craving to see you. ~ Surprise Shower & Supper ~ Date ~ Time ~ Place ~ This is a Time-of-Day couples baby shower ~ and your gift theme is _____. ~ Regrets Only ___ ~ __ is registered at ___.

We used the following times: Bed Time, Feeding Time, Play Time and Bath Time. If you have a lot of guests you could add more times of the day.

Steps to make your own:

1. Use a real Clock from Wal-mart and take it all apart.
2. Paint the outer rim and clock hands with Acrylic Paint to match your color scheme.
3. Measure the face of the clock to create or design your own for the party. Print and adhere.
4. Put clock back together using your new clock face and painted clock hands and position them in the correct spot. Add embellishments if desired. (We added magnets to the back so people could put it on their fridge as a reminder.)
5. Use cellophane & ribbon to complete the look.
6. Bonus: You can print a suggestion list and adhere it to the back, just in case you have guests who are not completely familiar with the specific times of a Baby's day.

Let me know if you'd like me to make some for your special occasion.

Note: I guess I am into the whole baby shower invites thing because I am prego, but I really did picture this invite in my head years ago. :)

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.

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