Breaking Dawn Release Party


So Breaking Dawn is finally out. Some friends and I went to the Release Party last night and had a ton of fun. Here's the play-by-play.

1. Morning Wrist Bands: Melissa and I went really early at like 8am to line up for our wrist bands. You had to get a wrist band if you wanted to get a book. Luckily Melissa was there to keep me company. :) Together we reserved 8 books. 5 for me and 3 for her. The line wrapped around the building. Melissa got there before I did and it was a good thing too because by the time I got there, just a bit after 8 the line had already gotten to the back of the building. Thank you, Melissa. We got our wrist bands and left at 10:30am and we got a "B."

Breaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release Party

2. Car Pool: Then in the evening we all met at my house and left to go to the Barnes & Noble in Orem, UT. When we got there it was about 10:20pm. The parking lot was so full and there was a huge line in the front of the building and in front of the other retail stores which were closed. It was CRAZY!!!

4. Barnes & Noble: We tried walking around the place and couldn't because they kept telling us we needed to go outside. We were like, "we just got here," but they didn't care. Sorry Sheri, we really wanted to come see you in your palm reading glory. :) So we decided to get some drinks from within their store so we could stay inside a bit longer and so I could get something in my system while we waited. We took some pics and finally had to get outside.

Breaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release Party

5. In the B Line: Got outside and then went to line up in our special B spot. Good thing we came early in the morning because the B's were right after the A's and the A's were right outside the door. But the line kept going till Z or even more I am sure. While we stood/sat in our B area we chatted, laughed and drank our drinks. Then close to midnight the B&N employees/helpers were flashing us the books from within the store and everybody was freaking out and screaming. LOL it was pretty funny. We took some more pics and then waited as they let people in little by little.

Breaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release PartyBreaking Dawn Release Party

6. Finally got our books! Everyone got a book but me. Yes, very stupid of me. I decided to order mine from amazon because I thought I would get it today and I did NOT and won't until Saturday. Last year I got Eclipse on the release date. Hello!!! Why did they do this to me this year? So I decided I would finish New Moon and Eclipse before I got Breaking Dawn so it would be fresh in my mind. everyone got their books, we took a group pic and then left. We got home by 1am. Not bad! Now we just have to wait for the Twilight Movie.

Breaking Dawn Release Party

I had a ton of fun and so glad we had such a great turn out. We missed the ladies who weren't able to make it and that I should have texted or called when we got there. So sorry!

Linda Winegar

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