My Review of Breaking Dawn - SPOILERS


SPOILERS!!! (you've been warned!)

Okay, so one of my friends (Jaime) asked me what I thought about the book. Instead of having to re-write it I figured I'd just use my reply here, cause it was so fresh in my mind when I told her about it.

I absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!! Okay so this is going to be long, if you don't want specific spoilers then don't continue reading this post.

1. I would have liked more 1 on 1 time with Edward, mainly at the end after all of the craziness and after she was finally able to remove her shield. Not more of the sex scenes. LOL
2. The wedding scene was so cute. I was totally crying while reading it. I was totally scared that Jacob would come ruin it before the "i do's." But glad he showed up after. I totally do understand the love scenes, she has readers that are like 8yrs old (i would never let my daughter read these until she was at least 12 or maybe 14 ok only after she's married (j/k), but maybe sooner if I felt it would raise the bar for which guys she was going to date, ya know make it harder for them to live up to Edward. LOL) and I'd hate to have kids get more details, but I am sure we can reenact those scenes if we really wanted to in real life with our Edwards. ;) Except of course when she turns, because then I doubt we could destroy a whole house, I mean MR & MRS Smith did it but they had weapons. I was laughing so hard when Emmett was saying how many houses he and Rosalie went through. LOL That was awesome.

3. I can NOT believe she got pregnant but I was soooo hoping she would because she was dreaming of having Jacob's kids but not Edwards? :( I guess I understood why she wouldn't dream it (except more of a nightmare style) because she didn't think it could happen.

Yes, my shirt was awesome!!! I can only attribute it to being prego.

Breaking Dawn Release Party Shirt
But I didn't really think it would happen, but of course I think Clark is a Vampire and I figured vamps couldn't get prego so I said 1/2 vamp. :) Why didn't I think of it before...what other bodily liquids do they have? Come-on! I mean they have saliva, right? So, without getting into more details, it was very believable to me.
4. I enjoyed the part where she was describing how she was turning and how she was holding it in to not hurt Edward. That was too sweet. I am not that nice. I am a complainer. I kept busting up laughing every time Carlisle thought the drugs helped. Yeah right! how could they help something like that?
5. I thought Alice was way cute with all of the wardrobe stuff. How could you NOT love that. I mean, I don't have any fashion sense and I don't really know what my style is, except simple mostly, but I would love for her to dress me. :)
6. I was totally mad at Jacob for telling Charlie but then I thought it was okay after he explained everything. I guess Jacob thought that showing people what he is, is different than actually telling them verbally. He's broken that pact 2 times now and if you count Nessie knowing about it, then 3 times. LOL He's not very good at keeping secrets.
7. I loved that Jacob imprinted on Nessie. It was perfect! Now he is part of the family, just like everyone wanted, except maybe Edward, but then he was fine with it and I thought that was way cute too. Calling him "Son," when he was saying his goodbyes :)
8. I loved that everyone who saw Nessie just automatically loved her. That was cute! Isn't it like that with most babies though?
9. The funniest parts where in Book 2. When I first got to it, I didn't think i wanted to hear anything Jacob had to say and then as he stayed at the Cullen's house it was hilarious. Then I almost wanted him to keep going. The jabs he and Edward would take at each other and Rosalie were the best. ROFL for sure. But I didn't like that everyone called the baby a monster except Rosalie and Bella. But it was too cute that Edward could finally read the baby's mind and then finally accept that it wasn't a monster. That was so sweet.
10. I thought it was so funny that Bella attacked Jacob. That was so funny and how everyone had a nickname for her and she didn't like it. I think it's cute. But I guess she does have a point about the monster.
11. When Alice and Jasper left was when I had to put the book down. I didn't want to go on, like I thought something bad would happen. It was soooo sad. But I had to keep telling myself that she would come back and that she had to come back because she would never really leave them forever. And I was glad I was right.
12. I loved that Bella sort of got revenge on Jane by putting up her shield so she couldn't hurt anyone. That was the best. I was making the same faces, except I think I stuck my tongue out at her too. LOL I guess I am too childish. I mean it would have been cool for her to kill her but I didn't want a fight if someone on our side was going to die.
13. I loved that Aro thought of the Wolves as guard dogs, that was funny. I guess it would kind of work like that for Nessie. She's going to be well protected for forever. I mean she's a vamp and has a wolf as more than a soul mate for forever. I bet Quil (i think it's Quil) is jealous that Jacob will have his Nessie at the 7 year mark fully grown and the other toddler will only be 7. Jacob gets her sooner. :)
14. Loved that no one died and that it was happily ever after. I know SM has said she will probably write the stories for others but Bella and Edward are finished. I want her to write Nessie's story. It seems like she would have a love triangle too with the other 1/2 vamp boy and Jacob, maybe. I of course would not want her to end up with anyone else but Jacob.

I feel so happy about the book. I was crying yesterday cause it was over and I couldn't read anymore new things. Seriously I WAS crying. Not crazy crying just standard crying. (LOL what's does that even mean?) I guess I'll just have to read it again later. Clark's reading it now, we'll see how he likes it. I think he'll enjoy the Jacob parts that were funny. I don't think there's much action for him.

Can't wait for the Twilight Movie, I hope they do all 4 (and yes, I think 4 can be made into 1 longer movie, I mean why does LOTR get to be so long.).

Linda Winegar

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  1. Linda,
    I loved your opinion of the book. I felt the exact same way about almost everything. I will say that I did like it better the second time because I didn't rush. It was funny how many little details I missed the first time. I love the pictures and you look adorable prego. Love you!