Castle Cafe???


So there is a castle-like retail location in Lehi, Utah which is for sale. It is mixed use and so we could possibly live there too. They are selling it for $159,900. Steal of a Deal you say, not so fast. The entire building is gutted, I mean it looks nasty and trashed. We would have some serious clean up to do and not to mention the redesign of everything inside so it could be built the way we would want it to be.
Low initial cost
Mixed Use
Complete control of design
close to freeway
lots of traffic

Rent while under construction
2 loans - $150K & $100-200K to build out
No garage
No grass for Plato
small living space

So what will we do? Not sure. I need to find out a bit more in order to justify the cost and time. Hopefully the structure is great so we don't have to demolish it and start from scratch because then it may not be worth it.

Linda Winegar

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