Scrapbook Retailer Dreams


Well, I am sure I am not the only one who dreams about scrapbooking and what cute paper to use for the next layout or project. (Not that I even scrapbook)

Last night I had my first dream about scrapbooking. I guess that means I am committed to this business. I was dreaming about the new scrapbooking store we are looking to open. It would be a cafe styled scrapbook store. Chocolate slat wall and cabinets with teal and purple (not totally decided yet) accent colors and brushed silver fixtures. Lighting was bright and perfect for each display but the overall mood was peaceful and relaxing.

Throughout the cafe there were tables where scrapbookers could come and set up anytime of the day to scrapbook. Go figure an all the time anytime crop. A comfy couch area next to magazines so anyone could come and read any magazines for free while drinking some Hot Chocolate(winter times) or Fruit Juice(summer times) from the Cafe. The perfect scrapbook store if you ask me. It's the kind of store that makes customers want to come and scrapbook. Like Barnes & Noble or Starbucks. I don't like books or coffee but I'll hang-out at those places as if it were my living room. I know I'm not the only one who does that. (saw some High Schoolers making out on a couch the other day.) Just because it is cool and relaxing. Just like that. Fidjiti will make everyone want to relax and scrapbook, even if you don't scrapbook or want to.

I only wish I could make that dream a reality. Even I would scrapbook. :) It would be that kind of a store and brand.
Anyway, anyone else have dreams about retail design?

Linda Winegar

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