Finn loves us because...


Finn is uber service oriented. Charity = Love. We know our son loves us because he...


  • gives us hugs every day

  • smiles at us when we need it most

  • pulls our face next to his to give us kisses

  • sweeps, without being asked

  • will drop whatever he's doing to spend time with us

  • takes over the vacuuming so we don't have to do it

  • unloads the clean dishes from the dishwasher

  • always lends a hand when doing the laundry

  • turns on the music so we can dance together

  • takes time out of his day to feed Plato by hand

  • always willing to help with any computer projects

  • organizes the pots and pans in the cabinets

  • waves at neighbors who drive by so that others know we're a nice family.

  • willing to share his food with us when we least expect it

  • makes us feel a part of the nightly bath, so we don't feel left out.

  • points out items we may have forgotten, but totally needed, to add to the grocery list

  • consistently takes our temperature to make sure we're not sick

  • determined to keep the house clean and organized by offering to go outside to play

  • takes naps to keep himself energetic and happy when he's awake

  • is not intimidated to initiate prayers, to remind us that we can not do anything alone.

  • makes us feel like geniuses, because he says yes to all of our ideas

  • offers to get the mail even when it's raining

  • not afraid to tell us when we have a fly away or need to brush our hair

  • doesn't mind getting dirty if he knows he's contributing to a bigger cause

  • makes us feel like we're the most important people in the world

  • helps us be more efficient with our time, by telling us when the traffic lights turn green

  • loves to show us what he's working on so we don't miss out on any part of his life

  • organizes our dvds

  • withholds judgment because he puts himself in other people's shoes

  • does last minute checks on the diaper bag to make sure we're not missing anything

  • (our favorite) knows our names, mom & dad.

So many more reasons which can't be listed right this second for sake of time, but wanted to jot these down so we remember it's the little things that count. We are so in love with our son. We love that he loves us so much too.

16 months & 3 weeks old


  1. Young Women in the ward willing to do my dirty yard work for a small fee.

  2. Ikea and the wonderful products, which help to keep things organized, out of reach & sturdy enough for a toddler.

  3. Water because it's not carbonated.

  4. Permanent markers which are not permanent. LOL

  5. Drawer latches! (1st one installed today) to keep from getting at the "non permanent" permanent markers.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Linda, I am trying to catch up on my blog reading. Your little guys is too cute! Such a cute list <3