Sippy Cups!


I introduced Finn to sippy cups when he first started to eat solids and when he was crawling around. He loved them and of course got the hang of them really quick. We used the sippy cups with the totally flexible and chewy nipples. However, he started to get "nipple confusion" and as a result I was getting really sore. So after enduring that for a while, I decided to try and not use sippy cups for a while. That totally worked! No more soreness. LOL I tried to give him the "big kid" sippy cups which are not chewy but hard plastic and don't have the easy grip handles, which he would just have to suck on and not chew, (Finn loves to chew!) and thus he didn't like those plus he couldn't hold them because they were too big a round.

Anyways...I just gave him the "big kid" sippy cup today again for lunch and voila! He knows how to drink from it. What?! This kid is uber smart!!! I didn't even show him how to use it since we gave up a few months back. LOL Just handed it to him and he was drinking. If everything is this easy then well, bring it on! LOL no just kidding for real don't! i.e. potty training.

BTW Cookie decorating at church for Play Group was so fun. Finn and I enjoy going to Play Group. It's been 3 weeks now.

T2MHF4: A super smart son.

Linda Winegar

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