You got a hair cut there, huh guy?


So... as you all have noticed and some even mentioned (it's okay we weren't offended that you'd mention it, we just thought that you'd volunteer if it really bugged you, cause we don't claim to be "the barber shop." LOL) Anyway, Finn's gone from having a lot of dark brown hair when he was born to having almost no light brown/blond hair in less than 5 months. We'd been doing the baby comb-over for several weeks now and it got to the point where we didn't really have much more hair to comb over. LOL So, we finally decided to cut his hair. [We can hear everyone cheering] We thought if we cut it a wee bit shorter, it would give him that even look. We had kind of a dilemma though, we didn't know which option to choose, scissors or clippers: (mainly because of the suggestions)

Cons about using Scissors:

  • No good hair cutting scissors.

  • Possibly cut his ear.

  • May poke in the head with the tip.

  • Definitely uneven hairs all over.

  • Would take forever!!!

  • Would not be still long enough to cut whole head of hair.

Cons about using the electric Clippers (w/ level 1 attachment):

  • Really scary!

  • Tons of crying

  • Won't be still long enough because will be crying and wiggling. after reviewing the cons from each (took us all of 1 min), we decided to go with clippers because there were less cons and less risk of injury. We didn't list pros because we felt it was obvious that the pro for each would be; shorter, neater, more even and super cute hair.

Here's are a couple before pics:



Here's some after pics:

IMG_9492 IMG_9491

DARLING!!! We think he looks sooooooo cute! Doesn't he look like a little man? He doesn't even look like the same little baby anymore. He's growing up so fast. I think he starts kindergarten in August. LOL Its funny to actually say that. He's 4 1/2 months old!

Just click on the pictures to order the 4x6 prints.

I am thankful for:

  1. Big smiles that melt my heart.

  2. Sweet wipe dispenser.

  3. Coupons for free chocolate.

  4. Church callings to use and stretch our talents.

  5. Fruit Fridays. (when Clark gets us a new fruit to try, I love the "mousse de maracuja" he made us, it was amazing! I'll post a recipe and pic in the future.)

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Finn looks so cute with his new hair do. I love the reflection of you and Clark in the mirror trying to get Finn to smile. You guys are so in love with your little guy...I love it!!

  2. He looks adorable! Now I see the before hair and can see your the before and after pics! It was fun meeting your mom the other day, I can so see you in her!

  3. Wow, he's really starting to look like his daddy!