Running at 5 months already?


We've decided that Finn is going to be a serious runner. He loves to move his legs really fast and because he's uber smart and already knows how to alternate them (right, left, right, left). We think he'll skip crawling and walking, and go straight to running. (BTW that's a great book name...I copyright it right now! "Skips Crawling and Walking" LOL) Scroll to see some cute pics and some videos of him kicking, running, splashing and even playing the piano. LOL

Here's Finn and his cute cousin Maddux. Maddux is a couple month's older than Finn. Sorry Julie, I like the pic below because Finn is smiling. I just had to post it. (Download 4x6 pics for printing here)


Finn loves his Dad and every time I show him a picture of Clark and say, "who's that?" he smiles and then when I say, "Dad!" he smiles even bigger. I'm so glad he loves his Dad, cause he is such an awesome father and husband. I had to take advantage of these cute smiles and laughs from the "Dad" picture show. Thanks Clark, sorry you didn't get to see us in person, but just know that we were both thinking of you when we took these.

Here's Finn running up the wall. I think he'll be one of those guys who has to go for a nightly run just before bedtime because he runs like crazy just before his bedtime now. LOL

He was splish splashing in the tub. He loves the water just like his Dad. Seriously this boy is "fidjiti" cause he can wiggle, run and kick forever.

Grandma "Ma" made him a new white shirt so he can wear all the fun ties that Great Grandma "Mamama" made. This time she had to make it just a little bit bigger so he could grow into it and wear it more than 4 weeks. WOW! He just keeps looking like a little man and growing so fast. I love that Clark is smiling too. He just loves him to pieces. I love watching Clark stare at him. I could do it all day long.


5 Month Old Stats at exactly 5 months old:

  • 16.4lbs in 55% (all those sweets are paying off, LOL)

  • 26.5" Tall in 78.8% (he's tall just like his Dad)

  • 17" Head Circumference in 54% (His head shape is perfect, just line Clark's head shape. I always did love Clark's head shape, I know that's weird, but then again there isn't anything I don't love about Clark.)

  • Didn't even cry that much when he got poked

This video is of grandma "ma" holding him while playing the piano with his feet, this boy is talented!

I'm uber thankful to Heavenly Father for...

  • Vaccines which protect my son from weird illnesses that I can't pronounce.

  • Vacation time coming up to spend with my 2 fave guys.

  • Clark liking his Job at

  • Hidalgo which saves us cash on gas and Clark's willingness to endure the ride (a must read).

  • Eyes, so that I can see my blessings everyday.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Some people say that if you skip crawling, then you miss an important stage in your mental development and you grow up to be crazy.

    I skipped crawling and started walking at 8 mos. When I heard that I grew up crazy as a result, I got right down on all fours and started crawling around. Problem solved! I am now perfectly sane.

  2. I LOVE the kicking!! I bet he was like that in your belly too! I had one of those that had motor legs in-utero. my favorite pics are the hair cut ones!!!! so fun to see the proud parents in the background. Finn is so adorable.

  3. OH MAN!!! Brynlee and Finn are meant for eachother! hahaha... brynlee kicks like crazy too! and huffs and puffs while she's doing it! if i didn't know better, i could have sworn that was my brynlee. lol she does the exact same thing! he is SO dang cute!! :]