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Oh man, so today I had the worst scare. I was just trying to update some stuff on our blog and for some reason pages weren't loading right and things just weren't acting normal. Database was timing out and other stuff I don't understand. Anyways, I had a bit of a melt down because I thought I lost everything. All 146 blog posts. If you're like me and you try to blog everything, which means you don't have an actual journal, then this would be your worst nightmare. This is our diary/journal. I can't lose this, it's all I have. :( So I had to calm myself and remember that even if it's all deleted, my brain can still remember basic details of events and if I had too, I'd start all over. Thankfully, (said a mini prayer) and it's all here. Phew!! But it got me thinking a few things.

How do you preserve your Blog? I did some research and found the following sites to help you print your blog into a book and then you'll always have it like a little journal or diary.

  1. Print your posts: do it everytime you post a new blog entry and put into a binder. Cost of ink/toner and paper.

  2. Save your posts: copy and paste the info into a word document or other file type. But I suggest printing because then you can just put it into a binder for safe keeping. Afterall it is your journal. Free!

  3. If you have a Movabletype, Typepad or Wordpress blog you can use this service. It automatically pulls in all of your blog posts and prints it for you in a book format. Starts at about $7.50. Click here. Nothing super fancy, just the basic info and doesn't include comments. Sad.

  4. If you have Live Journal or TypePad, it'll be able to pull in all of your posts and set them up very nicely for you. Click here.

  5. Blog to Print by This one is for my Blogger friends (pretty much all of you). This will pull in all of your posts and comments from Blogger. Starts at $14.95 printed book or $2.99 for an eBook. Click here. (This one looks amazing and it's too bad I don't have a Blogger blog cause I love the look of this one the best.) Just test it out online it's free to see what your book will look like.

  6. - Creates a FREE! PDF of your wordpress blog. Yippy! [link added Aug. 9, 2009]

How do you preserve your Pictures? In this digital age you need to have several different ways to preserve your pictures.

  1. Print them out! Just your favorite ones so you always have them. Before importing your pics onto your computer just go down to Walmart or your favorite photo printing place and print a couple good ones out. Then you can know that you have some saved for future.

  2. Copy your Pics to a different location:  Use an external drive or burn them on a CD or DVD to hold all of your pics. Organize them by year. I would suggest doing both.

  3. Make Photo Books Online: You can create photo books almost anywhere online now. They include your pictures and even text if you want to write a little something under each picture.

  4. Photo Album: Just insert pics into the albums which have slots for pictures. No need to get fancy right now, just keep them safe. If your computer ever crashes (like mine did in 2002, stupid PC!) then you'll still have the actual pictures safe and can scan them in later if you need to.

  5. Scrapbook your Pics: You can use the pictures which you've already printed and scrapbook them. This is definately the crafters way to preserve your memories. I only suggest this if you print your pics on a regular basis. I would not go into full-on scrapbooking your pics if you don't have them organized in a photo album yet. Otherwise, you may overwhelm yourself and never scrapbook them.

  6. Digital Scrapbooking: Also very cute and creative but again, you'll want to make sure you print it out so you always have it.

So anyways, just remember to always have a backup copy of your blog/journal and especially your pictures. You don't want to lose them. I have over 30,000 pics, I have them coppied to an external drive too but still need to print some. Good luck to you all, I hope you never lose your precious memories.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Thanks again for a wealth of good information! I am so glad that everything was save in your blog :)

  2. Linda! Thanks so much for that information ... I want to print my blog in Jan for this year and I've trying to figure out where to do it. I can't believe all the work you did to give us all that information. I'm glad everything was ok. You are amazing!

  3. AWESOME idea! We always forget in this digital world we live in just how easy it is to lose stuff... until you actually lose something. Then you are sad and cry for three days straight because you accidentally deleted your copy of Weird Al Yankovic's White & Nerdy music video. *sniff* It still hurts :(

  4. This is an awesome suggestion. I am doing this for sure.