England has the Best Chocolate


So today we went to the London Market in Salt Lake. Melissa introduced us to Cadbury Chocolate Spread, which you can only get from England (but Melissa gets us some from when she or her family visit her sister). However, you can pay about $6 for a little jar here at the London Market. Let me just tell you this is the best chocolate spread you'll ever have. Way better than Nutella if you ask me. It tastes like melted milk chocolate chips but it doesn't have to be melted. Great on cookies, bread or anything.

Melissa also introduced us to Penguins! Which are the best chocolate covered wafers ever. However there is a special way to eat these and you need Hot Chocolate for it. See you bite off opposite corners and insert one corner into the chocolate and sip Hot Chocolate from the other corner. Oh man!!! So yummy and my mom makes an amazing Peruvian "Christmas" Hot Chocolate which makes the Penguin experience almost illegal. Well, it probably should be because it's that good. I say "Christmas" Hot Chocolate because she's made this Hot Chocolate for Christmas every year since I can remember. But...I learned how to make it last year and now I make it almost all of the time in the winter. LOL! It's an easy recipe but you can't just throw it into a Coco-motion or anything like that. It takes a bit more time than that, but well worth it.

Anyways, Melissa, Cory & I went to the London Market, the London Bakery & even the Dutch Market (Cory knew where it was) to get some Stoopwaffles (2 thin, hard rounds of waffle-indented biscuit, wedged together with a kind of syrup). Clark wanted me to get it because Ryan had him try some at work and he loved them. You should microwave 1 for 12 seconds in order to get the best taste otherwise it's too crispy.


We went to Tai Pan, then ate amazing doughnuts (can't remember the name of the place) before we went to the markets and of course had a ton of fun just the 3 of us. Thanks for taking me ladies, we should do it again soon.

Linda Winegar

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