Happy Birthday Hoby!


So, today is Hoby's real birthday. Happy Birthday Hoby! Feliz Cumpleanoz Hoby!

10 Things I love about Hoby (My Grandpa)

  1. He's loving and caring (always wants to know how we're doing and loves us unconditionally)

  2. He's smart (he gives me some tips on how to run certain things about my biz and it works.)

  3. He's crafty (when we were kids he used to make toys out of tin cans, not they didn't have sharp edges.)

  4. He's funny (randomly dresses up as different characters and does their voices too. So funny!)

  5. He's generous (what grandpa isn't?)

  6. He's encouraging and supportive (always loves and helps with any business I want to run.)

  7. He's over 70 and doesn't have any gray hair! (um...I hope I never go gray.)

  8. He's hard working (He's worked all his life, he still has a job to this day, no dead-beat Grandpas over here.)

  9. He's our refuge away from home. (In FL his condo had a pool so when we were kids, we'd go there all the time. We had a lot of fun memories there.)

  10. He's a cute videographer (Loves to film everyone and anything having to do with family and then gives us a copy of it. If it weren't for him we probably wouldn't have funny home videos. LOL)

  11. Oh and he loves Chinese food and so do I.

My siblings and I were fortunate enough to at least have 1 Grandpa growing up (we don't know where our other grandpa is and have never met him either), but 1 Grandpa was enough for us because he was so good to us. Hoby you're the best Grandpa any kid could have! We love you Hoby! You're going to be the best Great Grandpa to our Son.

Here's a picture of him yesterday, see I told you he's funny.


Linda Winegar

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