Ward Halloween Trunk-or-Treat


So, we just got back from our ward's Halloween party and trunk-or-treat put on by the Activities Committee and the YM & YW and it was great! We had a ton of fun, ate some popcorn, saw some pretty sweet costumes and gave out a lot of candy. I felt bad cause we didn't wear costumes but that's okay considering next year we'll have to make/buy 3 of them. :) So as per several requests here are the pictures we were able to quickly take during the party. Sorry, if I wasn't able to get all of you, everyone looked so amazing, but I didn't want to interrupt anyone too much just to get a picture. Thanks for letting me take pics!


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Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. you got some great halloween pics. it's fun to see everyone get dressed up. Thank you for your beautiful testimony. You always have such a great spirit about you. Have a great week.lol Marian

  2. Happy Halloween! Looks like you had fun! I looked at your previous posts. I love the Martha Stewart pom poms. You find the coolest stuff! Have a good day!