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So, most of you know that I love to build websites. At one point in time I actually had 45 domain names registered (I've been building up since 1999). Domain names are the names that end in .com or .net... But, I don't usually have all of those active because the hosting for those would be ridiculously expensive if they weren't all generating income. So, I just have several dormant domain names out there. I guess maybe I should sell them before they expire. Anyways, I always have a few domains expiring and a few hosting accounts which renew each year and I have found that it can get pretty expensive so, I have a list of my coupon codes which I try and use at checkout when purchasing from Just be sure you remember your total before you plug them in so you know the discount was applied.

Here's the discount list as of today, I haven't tested all of them, but there are a ton to choose from.
*OYH1: Get 10% off any Godaddy order with this coupon. No maximum.
*OYH2: Get 5$ off any Godaddy order of 30$ or more.
*OYH3: Get your .COM for 6.95$ ($2 off)
cjcwinner: .COM Domain Transfers for $6.95/yr
cjcdeal: 15% off on orders of $75 or more
cjcdollar: $1 off Coupon
*cjchost: 20% off Shared Hosting Plans (This one is my favorite because I purchase hosting by the year.)
cjccoupon: 10% off Coupon
ZINE1: 10% off any order
ZINE2: $5 Off any $30 Purchase
ZINE3: $6.95 .COM Registration or Renewals
goox025afc: $6.95 .coms. Not sure if it works for renewals. (from Google Ad)
gdm0702: two .nets for $10
LOL65: $5.99 .net buys (not renewals)
catalog1: $20 off a $75 order
OYH3: $3 off / $6.95 any .COM (renewals too... just used it)
BTPS7: 20% any order of $50 or more
BTPS255: 25% off any order of $100 or more
OYH1: 10% off whatever
OYH2: $5 off a $30 purchase
BTPS50: 50% off domains
BTPS4: 10% off anything
chill1: 10% off
chill2: $5 off $30
chill3: $6.95 .coms
hash1: 10% off
hash2: $5 off $30
hash3: $6.95 .com registration
gdd1101c: 10% off any order of $40 or more
The only code I could get to work for .com renewals is: cjcbentld
TDNAM is one of the newest Domain names auction that Godaddy created.
TDNAM: Code: cjcbentld Discount: 15% off TLDs
TDNAM: Code: gdbb776 Discount: 20% off TLDs
TDNAM Code: gdbb776 - $2(discount) If you got a domain name that you liked for $5 you can use this coupon to get it for $3 much less of a registration fee.

TIP 1: Never select auto-renewal on anything, because if you forget to renew it yourself, which can happen, then you won't get a chance to insert your discount codes. They just bill you full price. I found out the hard way. :(
TIP 2: If you need 2 SSL Certificates, choose to buy only 1, and they'll offer you a second one for 1/2 off during checkout!

Tell your friends and anyone who runs a business so they can save too. BTW, I can create your site or blog for you too if you'd like, I do it for fun and I don't charge a lot for it because I love doing it. LOL. Let me know if you were able to save.

* = I tested the code today.

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