Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets anyone?


Well, the other day Clark told me that his Mom thanked us for getting her some Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets for Mother's Day. She really loved it. That's right, we got her Dino Nuggets!

Reason Why: I heard her say that she didn't want to have to buy a super huge bag from Costco, and that's why she had run out when the grandkids had asked for some. They are really picky eaters, they only like Funeral Potatoes and chicken nuggets. But who doesn't love those? Maybe, I'm picky too. LOL So anyway, we got her a bag from Wal-Mart and she said the grandkids loved them even better than the other ones. Yippy! I might be a great mom someday after all. I already know how to make Funeral Potatoes (Jude taught me, of course) and now I know the best kind of Chicken Nuggets to get.

Here's the ones we got for her. Click on the picture to view nutritional info. (Remember, I never said they were healthy, I just said they were tasty.)


Does anyone else love Dino Nuggets? Okay, fine we also got her Season 6 of Gilmore Girls but I doubt she even watched it yet because she's on season 1 or 2. We're just glad she loved the nuggets gift and it helped her out.

Here is the funniest Dino Nuggets Video from YouTube.

Linda Winegar

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  1. We love dino nuggets too! :) Thanks so much for the wonderful BBQ. We will miss you guys much!!!