Breaking Dawn Release Party Update


So, Yolanda asked me where we were planning to go for the Breaking Dawn Release on August 1st. I checked around with Borders in Provo, UT and Barnes & Noble in Orem, UT. Seems like are in-charge of the B&N release party (as per guy on the phone who I spoke with) but Borders has new management and so they haven't even thought about their party yet. (um....hello!) Also, Borders price for Breaking Dawn is probably closer to retail where B&N is actually $13.44 if you pre-order it. So maybe that would be the deciding factor.

Here's the Press Release for the B&N Breaking Dawn Release Party. Or go to for other info.

So, I just wanted to see what you all thought. Wait to see what Borders has or go to B&N? Then we can carpool together. So fun!! Can't wait.

Linda Winegar

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