Busiest Day of the Year


The busiest day of the year. LOL. Clark woke up early to play basket ball with some guys at church. Then I took him to work. I had a huge Fidjiti order to fill along with 4 other orders from Doba. I watched Bratz (the movie) while I folded some clothes. That movie is so cute. I want to own that one for sure. I just love teeny bopper movies.

I can't believe i'm going to be 28 this year. 10 years since I graduated High School. I guess if we have a reunion, i won't go cause it'll be in Pompano Beach, FL. Oh, how I miss my best-est friend, Nermin, from FL. I also miss the weather. Maybe with global warming, Utah can be the next Florida. Hot is the new Cold you know. ;) (That's what they always say).

Well, enough off topic ranting! Today, we also had a wedding reception for Ryan Meyers & Jenna Day (17 yr old girl we used to teach for Sunday School when we lived in American Fork). How fast they (we) grow up. LOL. I remember when our class and their friends came to our house after Prom when we lived in Eagle Mountain. They still liked us after we moved. :) They came to our house again for a movie night a different time.

So anyways, I went to Provo Craft, then came home, boxed and shipped the orders, updated tracking, dropped off the packages at FedEx and picked up Clark. Then we went home to change and go to the reception. Crazy day! Good thing the reception was at Noah's in Pleasant Grove. Overall, the Busiest day in 2008 yet! :)

Linda Winegar

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