We Lost



(Click here to view the pics on Flickr and order prints if you want some they are high res.)

Well, we didn't win the contest, but at least we had fun seeing all the other films at the Tower Theater. I really wasn't disappointed that we didn't win because I thought there were a few entries that were legitimately better than ours; however, I was a little disappointed with the one that did win--it was not my favorite. Oh well, good for him/them.

Despite all the funny films, probably the funniest part of the whole Really, Really, Really, Really Short Film Festival was when an old lady in front of us got hit in the face with a DVD. They were throwing them out as prizes and she tried to catch it, but instead it glanced off her hand, hit her in the face, and broke her glasses. What made it even funnier was that the DVD this nice old lady was trying to catch was The Full Monty, the "Fully Exposed" edition. Classic!

I finally posted our short film on you tube: The Contest

Let me know what you think. Hopefully sometime this week, I'm going to cut together an extended version with some of the footage I wasn't able to use due to the time constraints. I learned that in "the industry," cutting out good scenes for the sake of run time is often referred to as "killing you babies." I guess the beauty of director's cuts is that you can resurrect them. :)

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